Summary: There is a big difference from being actively in Christ, and outside of Christ.

Jeremiah 2: 11- 13

The guardsman of our time is trust, in order to understand who you’re trusting in. You have to understand the threat. The curse is outside; everything outside promises harm, like hot lava coming down a mountain, after the mountain erupts, it is known to us as a volcano eruption. When we are born as a baby, an infant, a little thing or a weakling, we are inside of trust, the trust of the lord. That child is living at the discretion of his or her parents.

Imminence is outside in the hallow area, but it is not inside where trust is at. Blasphemy is on the outside. As a child develops, he or she remains inside of trust, until they’re able to talk, walk, and think on a child’s level. Once this happens the law of sin drives the child out garden of trust, and into revilement, a behavior that is abusive, violent, and cunning and blue and bad. Whatever we teach our children about Jesus has to be process. Before they reach the line that leads into destruction, they need us.

All that we teach our children about Jesus has to be processed. Everyone inside the circle that surrounds trust is in a magnetic area. Just because you’re inside this area does not mean; you’re going to get pulled inside of trust. Most of the time, people that are fortunate enough to get inside this area: usually get drafted into trust, but there are exceptions. This is where familiar spirits are. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

So don’t you get deceive into thinking that everyone who operate in spiritual gifts are of God, because not all of them are. If you’re in the circle, Jesus is trying to draw you to the Father, as well as the Father is trying to draw you to Jesus, the center of trust. When we cross the line that makes the complete circle, we are no longer in a gravitated area. Everyone who goes inside the un- forbidden area on the other side of the circle; they are immediately conformed to darkness.

Jesus tells us be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of our mind Ghost. Those that go into this area all have something in common; they act the same; they are followers of everything wrong; they use over generalization on others because it works. They have a false sense of meekness; they are kinder than the average person, but their heart is full of sadistic ideas. Filth makes them extremely strong.

They are master pretenders; they are so good at pretending, until both men and women, if they are not yielding to the drawing power of God; they will certainly get twisted up in the fulmination, a curse. The intimidation that they posses is over bearing, and this is why we have to yield to the drawing power of God, because greater is he Jesus that is in us than he that is in the world. The center of trust is our refuge. Speak the word against the thunder against you. The word is Jesus.

Don’t get discourage when others shake you

If you have to flee the very present of evil do it

And keep over your head what God has the power to do

Look threatening at those who try to influence you to turn against the faith of Jesus in others

One thing about people that live on the outside; they do what others do on the other side, but they never do what trust wants them to do, because the love of Jesus is not in their heart. People like this are followers of every evil work. Call them the blind leading the blind, when one falls, all the other ones falls into a ditch behind them.

When you see the evil eye in others, be glad that it’s not you. It’s better for them to have an evil eye than for you to have an evil eye, Amen.

You trust one; you got to trust them all. Jesus wants us to know that’s condemnation, and for us to stay out of those kind of traps. It’s nothing but a hex, a bad influence. Every personality caught in that spell immediately conforms to the personality of Satan, and they act, think, and walk cunningly like Satan. When you see someone walk overly meek and harmless, you better watch out. You better be careful for nothing. Satan comes as an angel of light to deceive the simple.

These kinds of people are powerful, but only in bad things; they are arrows aimed at ones heart; they will do well by you for a little while. Then after they get to know you; they go away forever; they have no intentions of righteousness, but are made stronger by the evil that they can successfully complete without detection. The devil is not your friend, unless you are willing to act like him, walk like him, and think like him, and live on the outside of trust, he doesn’t want you inside of Jesus.

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