Summary: So often we hear stories about dying and coming to the golden gate and dickering with Peter whether we should be allowed in or not. This would be a tragic mistake to wait until you die to find out if you can get in.

Everybody wants to get in on the action. Back in 1982 a crowd began to form one Monday

afternoon in December at the River Front Coliseum in Cincinnati. By the time the police arrived at

3:00 P.M., hundreds of fans had gathered at the doors, even though they would not open until 7:00

P.M. The rock group called The Who was to play a concert, and masses of people wanted in. By

early evening 8 thousand people were pressing against the doors. The crowd became restless, and

somebody broke out a glass and opened a door. The mob surged forward. The police could not stop

it, and those who lost their footing were as helpless as if they were in a cattle stampede. After the

crowd had passed in, 11 people were left dead, and 8 severely injured. That is just how badly people

want to get in some places. It is as if their life depended upon getting in.

It is important to people to get in. They wait in lines all the time to get into a favorite restaurant,

or into a movie, or some sporting event. They wait to get into a store, a doctor, or into a line of

traffic that is moving. Nobody wants to be left out, and everybody wants to get in somewhere. It

can be very embarrassing to be shut out, or to even get just half way in. A young man in

Philadelphia was attempting to get into a store at night to rob it. He removed two bolts from the

security bars of a window, and began to crawl in. One of the bars came crashing down, and he was

trapped. Half of his body was inside the store, and half was dangling outside. It was a real

dilemma. He could hang there, or call for help. After a long struggle, he decided to call the

emergency 911 number on a phone he could just barely reach. He was terribly embarrassed when

the police arrived. He confessed it was his first burglary, and he just couldn't make it in.

It is hard not to be in the in-crowd. That is what the American dream is all about-get in with the

best crowd. Get in on the real estate bonanza. Get in on the life style of the rich and famous. We

are bombarded by all the media with the message-come with us, follow us, and we will lead the way

to get you in. The theme of politics is, getting in. After all, what good are the best candidates in the

world if they can't get into office. You have to get in to have power, and so the name of the game is

getting in. Every student has to be concerned about getting into college, and then getting into the

right program, and then doing well enough to get into the profession he is aiming for. Life is just

one struggle after another to get in.

The refugees of the world are struggling to get in on the affluence of the West. So many cross the

borders from Mexico and Central America to get into the U. S. Masses are planning, plotting, and

carrying out those plans to get into this country, legally or illegally, because the goal of their life

revolves around getting in. God understand this quest of man to get in, for that is God's goal for

man also. God wants to get him into that which fulfills all of his dreams, hopes, and desires. The

goal of God is to get men into the kingdom of God. The goal of Jesus is to get into the lives of men.

He said, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my voice and opens the door I

will come in." Jesus wants in, because He wants to bring people into His Father's kingdom. This is

the highest goal that man can achieve, the letting of Jesus in so they can get in where the whole

purpose of life is fulfilled. Getting into God's family, and getting into heaven is where it is at. It is

getting in where God wants us to get in.

So often we hear stories about dying and coming to the golden gate and dickering with Peter

whether we should be allowed in or not. This would be a tragic mistake to wait until you die to find

out if you can get in. The Bible says it is too late then, and if you die before you know the way in,

you are out forever. That is the hell of missing heaven. It is to be out with no hope of getting in, and

that is our destiny, to get in. To get in anywhere you have to go through the door. There is only one

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