Summary: Witnessing is a must from the Great Commission

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Getting Peace about Witnessing

Philippians 4:6-9

Fear Is an Enemy of Us All

Fear: the first evidence of the fall (Gen. 3:10)

Fear keeps many from salvation

Afraid God doesn’t love them

Afraid their sins are too serious to be forgiven

Afraid of public opinion

Fear keeps many believers from witnessing

Afraid to tell others of Christ

Afraid to give out tracts

Afraid to invite others to church

Replacing Fear with Faith for Witnessing

I. We Must Pray about Witnessing (v. 6)

a. “In everything by prayer”

b. We pray about many things

i. Physical problems, finances, family needs

ii. The church, the government

c. When did you last pray about witnessing?

d. Pray for God to lead us to needy souls

e. Pray for the right words

f. Pray for people to be saved

II. We Must Have a Plan for Witnessing (vv. 6-7)

a. This text gives a plan for peace

i. Be anxious for nothing

ii. Pray about everything

iii. Give thanks for God’s blessings

b. It is right to have a plan

i. God is organized; has a plan (consider creation)

ii. We need a plan for witnessing

c. A good plan for witnessing

i. Be alert to needs of those you meet


iii. Be compassionate to those in need

iv. Use tracts that focus on needs

v. Share your testimony

III. We Must be positive in Our witnessing (v.8)

a. “Think of these things”

b. Expect results from your witnessing

c. Believe people need your witness

d. Trust God to produce fruit from your witnessing

i. Lost people coming to Christ

ii. Troubled people finding peace

iii. Backsliders returning to the Father

IV. We must proceed with Our witnessing (v. 9)

a. “…. And seen in me, do”

b. Good intentions are not enough

c. The more we witness the less we fear to witness

d. Just Do IT

As faith Increases Fear Decreases

Working Your Plan Brings Results

Obedience in Witnessing Brings Peace

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