Summary: This is a sermon that challenges people to work in unity toward a common goal of getting people to know Jesus.


Mark 2:1-12

In Mark chapter two, we find four individuals united in one common goal—getting their friend to Jesus. The characteristics of their efforts on behalf of their friend are the same characteristics that must be true of Christians today, if they are to get men and women to Christ.

Every time I read it I am encouraged, inspired and challenged. It is the perfect blend of human spirit and divine intervention. And it is packed with a ton of sermon opportunities. For instance:

• I could talk about the “Noise of God’s presence.”

Mark 2:1 (KJV) “It was noised that He (Jesus) was in the house…”

When Jesus was in town, people knew it. His presence was talked about and it did not take long for others to hear. The noise of His presence attracted large crowds. “Wherever God is present, change happens. Things grow. People’s attitudes are altered. Situations are turned around.”

A Spirit led church produces an atmosphere in which it easy for God to work and it is hard for the devil to interfere.

A church that allows Jesus to be in their midst is a church where Jesus is working miracles. Make no mistake, the “noise of His presence will be heard.”

• We could talk about the “State of the palsied.”

Mark 2:3 “Bringing one sick of the palsy…”

This man was bound up! One who has the palsy is one who has found himself in an immobile state. He wants to move, but he can’t! He wants to function, but he can’t! The desire, will and passion are all there but for some reason the body parts do not respond to the commandments of the brain. The man with this kind of palsy knows something is wrong with him, but he can’t seem to do anything about it.

Our nation is over run with individuals who have a form of palsy. They may have physical movement, but spiritually they are bound up! They want to move with God, but they can’t! They want to function as spiritual giants, but they can’t! They have desire and passion, but for some reason their flesh will not obey their spirit!

• We could talk about the “Spectacle of God’s power.”

Mark 2:11 “Jesus said, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.”

Once this man made it to Jesus, everything changed! The disease that had him paralyzed was no match for the power of Christ, because the power of Christ is absolute, unchanging and perfect.

oThe power of Christ can be criticized… but not contained.

o can be frustrated or let down … but it cannot be stopped.

o Can never be hindered… nor can it ever be quenched.

If God is behind even the smallest thing, it becomes mighty, effective, and powerful to the tearing down of all types of strongholds!

• But I have chosen to focus on the “assistance of his partners.”

Mark 2:3 “They came to Him, bringing a paralytic who was carried by four men.”

I want to talk to you about the four men who carried their friend to Jesus. There is not much said about them directly, but indirectly there is a wealth of information to gain.

“I have to admit, I really LIKE the four men who were carrying the man with palsy to Jesus. They were not ordinary believers. They were radical.”

“Those guys were relentless! They were true friends who refused to let anything hinder their friends journey to Christ.”

“These were special friends who understood the meaning of unity.”

Radical! Relentless! Special! These words only begin to describe these men.

 The fact that they were willing to carry their friend shows that they were men of compassion.

 The fact that they did carry him shows that they were men of action.

 The fact that they carried him together shows that they were men of unity.

 The fact that they were taking him to Jesus shows that they were men of faith.

 The fact that they continued to carry him when they encountered the crowd shows that they were men of determination.

 The fact that they climbed on the roof shows that they were men of Ingenuity.

 The fact that they tore a hole in the roof to lower him down shows that they were men of mission.

 The fact that they did all this with no selfish agenda shows that they were men of integrity.

The greatest natural resource in the world is not in the earth’s waters or minerals, nor in the forests or grasslands. It is the spirit that resides in every unstoppable person. And the spirit of the individual benefits us all.

I believe one word can sum up the spirit of these four men… PARTNERSHIP! Partnership is the key to receive from God corporately! Notice that it took four folks to bear the burden of the weight of this situation.

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