Summary: Tuesday night of revival series focusing on 2 Chronicles 7:14.

“Getting Right For Prayer”

On last night we looked into the very first part of this particular passage of scripture which refers to God’s people as being called by His name. And from that passage, we addressed the question, “What Does It Mean to Be Called By God’s Name?”

After discovering and exploring a multitude of names for the Lord God Almighty, and the power of those names, we finally came to the conclusion that there is but one name under the heavens by which a man shall be saved. And that name is the name of Jesus. Can I get a witness?

We know that Jesus was, and is still today, the living Son of God. We know that He descended from His heavenly home to walk the face of this old earth in an earthly body prepared by God. We know that while He was here He healed the sick and He raised the dead. He fed the hungry and He even taught those who wanted to learn God’s Word. Have I got a witness?

And We even know that after his earthly mission was accomplished He climbed up on Calvary’s cross and took the weight of the world upon His shoulders, and He hung down His head and died. Yes, he died one Friday but the Bible tells us that early on one Sabbath day morning, some of Jesus’ followers went looking for Him, but He was no longer in the grave, for an angel told them that He had defied death and had rose up to live again.

All of this shows the power and significance of the life of Jesus. But we as Christians must understand that while Jesus walked upon the face of this earth, it was not His own personal heavenly power that He used to accomplish all of the healing.

And what I mean by that is that Jesus did not come down to earth with the same power that He had in heaven. But He came down to earth as a man. He walked just like you and I walk. He talked just like you and I talk. He had to eat just like you and I have to eat. He felt pain just like you and I feel pain. And He even had emotional outbursts to the point of anger just like you and I do every now and then. Have I got a witness?

Jesus was stripped of all of His heavenly power when He came down here to this desolate place called earth. But the key is He still knew where His power came from. Well Brother Preacher, how do you know He knew? Well my brothers and sisters, it was evident in the fact that Jesus was a praying man. He always went to His father in prayer.

The first thing that he did after He was baptized by John the Baptist was go out in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights for praying and fasting. It was while He was here in the wilderness that He was tempted by the devil.

And how many of you know today that if you want to have any chance in defeating the attacks of the devil, the first thing you have to do is get prayed up. Oh I wish I had some help in here.

We have to be a people of prayer. That’s how we get closer to God. When we pray we can talk to Him and tell Him all about our troubles. When we pray we can ask Him for help, and as the old folk used to say, He may not come when you want Him, but He’ll always be right on time. When we pray we can praise God for all of the things that He’s done in our lives. And I don’t know about anybody else in here, but God has done wonders in my life. If there’s anybody here who knows that God has made a difference in your life, you ought to say “Thank You.”

Some of us know how powerful one prayer can be, but can you imagine what would happen if we all got on one accord in prayer. If we stopped all of the mess and just started praying and praising God. My Bible tells me in the first two verses of this 7th chapter of the book of 2nd Chronicles, that after they finished building the temple, King Solomon gathered all of the elders and the priests together and went into prayer.

And when he finished praying, the Bible says that the Glory of the Lord showed up and filled the temple, so that even the priests could not enter into the building. Church don’t you know that if we stop all of the mess in the church and get on one accord, God will show up. And when He shows up He’ll take over. But first, we must become a people of prayer.

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