Summary: The introductory sermon in a series on Romans.

Title: “Getting the Gospel Right” Part I Script: Romans 1:1-2

Type: Expository Where: GNBC 1-10-21

Intro: What is the best news you’ve ever heard? Birth of child or grandchild. Someone loved you. Team won the big game. Won the lottery. End of the War. Child made it out alive. The late, great British preacher, Martyn Lloyd-Jones opened a sermon on Paul’s phrase, “the gospel of God,” by stating his fear that we are often so familiar with certain words, such as “gospel,” or so academic in our approach to them, that we are not thrilled and moved to the depths of our being by the wonder of it all (Romans: the Gospel of God [Zondervan], p. 55). ). I hope that God uses these verses to move us to deeper love for Him. To answer the question “What is the gospel?” is rather simple. The gospel is Jesus, the person and work of Christ—who Jesus is and what He did. The gospel also describes how the benefits of His ministry are subjectively appropriated. The Gospel is the best news!

Prop: Today we’ll examine Rom. 1:1-2 as an introduction to getting the Gospel right.

BG: 1. Romans has been called “The most profound work in existence.” (Coleridge). Certainly it is Paul’s greatest treatise on the purpose and power of the cross of Christ.

2. The Gospel is the theme of the entire book of Romans.


Prop: Examine w/me Rom.1:1-2 as we introduce the series on getting the Gospel right.

I. The Messenger of the Gospel. v. 1a, b,c

A. The Messenger of the Gospel is a Slave. v.1

1. In Rom. 10:15 Paul quotes Is. 52:7: “How lovely on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.” The Gospel is a message that requires a messenger to preach and proclaim.

2. Notice what Paul considered his own status as a messenger of the Gospel: “bond servant”- doulos, someone who is owned and bought w/price. The blood of Christ. Many of our modern day megachurch pastors/tv evangelists live like royalty, have completely forgotten that the 1st century “doulos” was bought with a price and was in the employment of his master’s business. All of his needs were met, but as a slave he owed his master unwavering obedience. Do you recognize that you are to be in complete subjection to Christ as His doulos?

B. The Messenger of the Gospel is a Sent One.

1. Paul declares his apostleship in this passage. As an apostle – apostolos – sent one. Paul was sent by God and sent for God. Ever since Christ confronted Saul in the heavenly vision on the road to Damascus (Acts 9) Paul was the special possession of Christ.

2. Acts 1:21–22 states that for a man to be an apostle, he had to have been an eyewitness of Christ’s resurrection. When Jesus called Paul to be an additional apostle, he had the direct and visible approval of the other apostles. Apostles were able to perform signs and wonders (Acts 2:43, II Cor. 12:11-12) An apostle, in biblical terms, is a plenipotentiary of his master. He speaks with all the authority of the one he represents. It was necessary for God to establish a band of such men in order to ensure the writing of the New Testament and to lay the foundations of the Church. Foundations once laid do not need to be laid again. There is NO office of “Apostle” in the Church today. Period. Why? Canon is closed.

C. The Messenger of the Gospel is Set Apart.

1. Paul was set apart as a messenger of the Gospel. The Greek term translated “set apart” means to “mark off with boundaries.” It is used in Mt 25:32 in reference to setting apart the sheep from the goats in the judgment. “Set apart” – Greek for “horizons” – Illust – Ever notice when taking off on runway not able to see a lot. Yet when get higher up horizon gets larger and see much more? We are separated to Christ. More we see in Him.

2. Illust: In II Tim. 2:3-6 Paul uses 3 expressive metaphors to paint a picture of the Xstian’s total devotion to Christ: Soldier. Athlete. Farmer. A soldier concerns himself w/orders of his commanding officer. Athlete is disciplined in mind and body. Farmer is hard working and self motivated and patient, reaping in a different season from when he sows. Each one has limited his freedom for the sake of his calling. Each one is disciplined, determined, focused..

D. Applic: In v1 Paul makes 3 designations by which he identifies himself: 1. Slave 2. Apostle 3. Set Apart. He clearly states that he is not the author of the Gospel, but simply a messenger of it. That is still our task today.

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