Summary: Life will take you through a series of valleys. But God is always there to help you through.

“ Getting through the Valley “

Rev. B. J. Sims, Jr.

Psalm 23

Many of us are so focused on life’s valleys that we tend to miss the joys of this journey we are on.

The psalmist has gracefully put a few, but meaningful, words together that can be used to help examine, with remarkable views, our pilgrimage as it pertains to getting through valley like experiences in life. We all have hidden hurts, closed closets, and covered calamities. The examination of this particular is very helpful of our growth in faith.

This passage begins with a vision of anticipation on the part of the psalmist. Then he continues with a walk through the valley. V4.

Finally he remarks the statement; “ I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Even those who aren’t evangelical, realize that human nature is best understood through religious concepts. Man has a fatal flaw. Man (FLESH) is sinful and shortsighted, contained and helpless in so many ways in life. Romans 10: 3 sums it up…” For being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto righteousness of God.” This explains man corrupt and selfish character.

Psalm22, 23, &24 reveals Christ our lord as savior, shepherd, & sovereign. Let us concentrate on the shepherd, this psalm 23 can best be understood in the view of a journey where in an individual is wandering full of weary, confused by pathways, moved by mountains of mystery, venturing through life’s valleys, entangled in enemy web of destruction. Faced with fear, yet, looking to feast of food prepared on a table before them. A person cannot get to the table we make effort to walk through the valley of tears and heartache in V.2. So the question today is “ How to get through the valley?”

The psalmist seems to be well qualified to answer this question of the day. Why?…. Because he has been exiled from his throne, robbed by Amalekites, disowned by those who once knew him, stones tossed at him by his own. Yet, today he seeks to make statements consumed of faith and assurance. Today I wish to share 3 ways to get you through your valley.

I. Accept reality of the valley.

Whenever you accept that there is a problem you then can begin to resolve the issue at hand. There are 1 or 2 well-known phrases we use that show that we are people of little faith and much fear. “ Boy O Boy” or “ This is to much for me to handle”. Worldly influence has successfully infiltrated our minds and manipulated us to expand small ditches into valleys beyond natural dimension (We make problems bigger than they are). Start naming and claiming your way out of the valley and if the valley is still there.. Lack of faith.

Christians are going to have valley experiences. But with Spiritual intellect, we know that God has promised he’ll never leave us alone. So when we walk through sand, it won’t bury us. ; Walking through fire, it won’t burn us; Walking through water, won’t drown us. No matter if its fear or failure; trials or tribulations; troubles or turmoil; stress or strain, we need to admit and accept that we are in one of life’s valleys. “ How do we get through the valley?”

II. Announce your response in the valley.

Don’t wait till you’re out of one of life’s valley. Bless the Lord while you going through. Victory is already in possession. The psalmist stated 3 things he would do : “ I will walk, I will not fear, and I will get through.” There is a spirit of determination in the midst. He declared what he was going to do. We need to become more grounded in faith. Not allowing for frustration to hinder us from walking on through the valley. He made it known he would not fear. It’s not lack of concentration or circumstances; it’s confidence in contentment. Become content in who you are in Christ Jesus. So you may gain confidence to walk fearlessly through the valley. Last he said I will get through the valley. Notice it’s not “ I will walk in the valley” but “ I will walk through the valley” he had a destination in sight. There was a set goal to be reached. Start speaking victory while you going through.

Announce your response, that you are going to the other side of through.

After we have accepted reality and announced a response to our valleys we must:

III. Acknowledge your resources.

We must remember to acknowledge our resources In order to understand and unravel any text we must consider the context.

V1. States “ The Lord is my Shepherd. The person is the Lord. The statement is reasonable. The shepherd is a provider of his flock. Even in the deepest valley, I shall not want. Because my shepherd shall supply all my needs. For in the valley the presence of the almighty is with me. For he shall provide me with protection, pasture and peace in my valley.

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