Summary: A Risen Christ lives to help us through our moments of discouragements.

This text this morning is a great story about the impact of disappointment and discouragement. The Bible does not camouflage those moments in the lives of the Saints. You might find it helpful and insightful in the scriptures to read about the low moments and low experiences of the Saints just as you quote and remember those high moments.

Moses (leader of Israel, the Great Emancipator, the recipient of the Laws of God written my God’s finger) became so disillusioned, disappointed, discouraged that he asked God to take his life (Numbers 11:10-15 (15))

What can we say about Elijah (The Mighty Prophet in deed, the Miracle Prophet in demonstration, who withstood Ahab and Jezebel and embarrassed them on Mt. Carmel.) He found himself so let down and discouraged that he hides in a cave and asked God’s permission to be killed.

Jeremiah (the weeping and compassionate Prophet) says to God, I am done, I just will not mention your name anymore.

Perhaps disappointments may very well be appointments in our lives that helps us to rise and realize the power of Faith and God.

In Tavis Smiley’s book “Fail Up” he talked about that concept of failure and disappointments. He said, as a result of a conversation with that radical and poetic scholar, Dr. Curnell West, he came to terms that failure and disappointments were not the worst thing that could happen to you. West taught him to Fail Up, allow failure to make you better and learn from it. Allow failure to push you, not hang you, not pack your bags.

Failure is inextricably tied to expectations, so disappointments can be viewed as the offspring of expectation. We are vulnerable to disappointments if we have some expectations. The only guarantee that one can have to not encounter any disappointments is to have no expectations.

Look at the story this morning and I believe you will see this concept unfold before your eyes.

(1) It’s Sunday and verse 21 conveys that disappointment (they had hoped, trusted, believed)

(2) It’s the Third Day since Good Friday, the death of the Messiah.

(3) Two disciples are en route to the village called Emmaus, they are actually going home.

(4) Cleopas is one of them (vs. 18).

(5) Certain women have started a rumor.

Their disappointment is settling, they have left the assembly, en route to the village. It’s over, He’s dead, they killed Him, their hopes are dead, the dream of Israel being the nation it used to be is over. Disappointment in language and in their body language, in their focus, conversation, and attitude.

(I will come back to them - verse 15 – Jesus joined them on the road (they did not recognize Him).)

What is it that one needs when disappointment and discouragement have settled in our hearts and minds? What do you need when you have lost your zest and zeal because others may have let you down and disappointed you?

What do you need when you still have affection for the mission – but you lack direction?

What did Jesus do?

I. He Reminded Them of God’s Plan and Word (About Christ) – vs. 26-27

A. A Reminder that God had a Plan.

I know the Plans I have for you.

 We have to remember in the big picture of life that God is the Artist and He knows what the picture should look like. He knows what is in the picture, the colors and background.

There was already a prophetical picture.

 Moses – Scepter shall not depart…

Isaiah 53 – He was wounded, bruised… chastisement, like a sheep.

 Psalm – not a bone shall be broken…

 Micah – out of Bethlehem Ephrathah – a ruler would come.

 Isaiah – Unto us a Child is born.

 Zechariah – 30 pieces of silver shall he be betrayed.

B. We need Reminders to Keep Us...

(1) The stones in the water. (Crossing the Jordan.)

(2) David – Goliath (bear and lion were reminders).

(3) Jordan (the same God that opened the Red Sea could open the Jordan).

When you find yourself discouraged, disillusioned, disappointed take a moment, have what we call “A Reminder Moment”. An Andre Crouch moment – Take me back Lord… To the place where I first received you. Take me back to the place I first believed. I feel I’m so far from you Lord 0- but still I hear you calling me. Those simple things I once knew, the memories are drawing me.

 Take me back.

(1) Narrow place – where you widened the way.

(2) Dark spot – where you shine your light.

(3) Trapped by circumstances – where you made a way for escape.

(4) Place of sure desperation – where you proved to be my deliverance.

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