Summary: Satan loves for us to live in Chaos. Jesus desires order. Which one are you? As we recap this past week let us go over a few truths.

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Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Yesterday I received a call that my cousin Sue had died. My aunt and uncle found where she had fallen. Sue was one of my biggest cheerleaders when it came to giving out books or helping me with speaking engagements. She once got an entire case of books so she could give to the Amish where she lived in Ohio. Sue did not have hardly any money but what she had she gave to others. She had more trials in her life than most and lived in constant pain. She used to work in a mental hospital and a patient punched her and broke many bones in her face. That pain would last till Jesus took her home.

The last time we talked Sue said that she was “Ready to go”. As Christians you know what I mean. Now Sue did not desire to escape this world but she knew where she was going. Yesterday we talked about having a road map in the bible and a relationship with God. If you don’t know where you are or where you are going then a map is useless. I am not sure of the last person that Sue spoke with but that person ended Sue’s work in this life. It was time and Jesus called her home. She now has no more pain and has NO MORE BURDENS.

The above verse that we have been talking about all week has been about letting go of our burdens and giving them to Jesus. Very few of us know what our burdens are. Some are discontent and don’t know why. Satan loves for us to live in Chaos. Jesus desires order. Which one are you? As we recap this past week let us go over a few truths.

1. Jesus said as a command “Come to me’ –

2. Not just some He would take but he would take ALL who are weary and burdened and He will give YOU rest.

3. Read God’s word in the bible and pray so that you know how to be guided by the only One who has the road map of life. This is being Yoked to Jesus.

4. We need to have God change us from being arrogant to having a gentle and humble spirit. This may take some trials but please ask for this to happen. God opposes the proud.

Since you are getting this e mail then God has not called you home yet. I say home in heaven because this earth IS NOT our real home. We are renting space here for a short time. What are you doing to get ready for your real home? If you are spending a lot of your effort building an empire here then that is a foundation built on sand which will fail. Or are you building into others that the only way to live a spirit filled life and have heaven in your future is through Jesus. No matter how much pleading we do it will be too late to ask for forgiveness when we meet the Lord. We need to do that NOW. We need to make sure we are right with Jesus by being saved before our burden will be light and we can find rest for our souls. Things happen in life that we rarely expect. Don’t be caught off guard by putting the most import decision of your life off another second. This may be the day that the Lord calls you. Will you be ready?

Trials will always come but it is the one who trusts completely in Jesus that will get through those trials with joy. We can only have joy when we know where we are going. Nothing in the map of life tells us when trials will come but there is one who can walk us through those tough trials holding our hand. BUT you have to give it over, you need to become humble in spirit and realize that you are no longer the captain of your ship and in control of your destiny. There is ONLY One and His name is Jesus. Do you know Him?

“Lord, thank you for this series on trying to get to know you. Please forgive me for trying to get to know everyone and everything in the world but you. Even when I try to know you I seldom put you first in my life. Today please change the way I think and the way I do things. Please make my hearts desire to be for you and not THINGS. Those things I am tried of chasing after. Please help my hearts desire to be to chase after you.”

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