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• Hebrews chapter 11 verses 1-6.

• Numbers chapter 13 verses 1-33.

There are some things in life which are better caught than taught!

• Vision & faith.

• Quote: “Church has never had….television”.

• Both vision and faith are better caught than taught

• Ill: Meseals (infectious). Be around people who have them.


• The bishop's car ran out of petrol,

• But much to his relief his wife remembered passing a garage half a mile back down the road.

• He searched the boot for a container,

• But he could only find his baby grandson's potty, so it had to do!

• He trudged to the petrol station,

• Then back with a full container.

• The leader of a new independent church, driving by,

• Recognised a fellow Christian in need 'and stopped his car to offer-help.

• As he approached he saw the bishop pour the contents of the potty into the tank.

• The man-gasped and said:

'If I'd known they had faith like that in the Church of England I'd never have left!'

Question: What is faith?

Answer: Faith is believing God!

• Faith is taking God at his word;

• And there is nothing new about it.

• Throughout all generations God has withheld the evidence of things visible;

• So that people would have to trust in his promise and believe him!

There are two sides to faith

• Saving faith.

• Experimental faith.

• Saving faith is primary and fits us for heaven.

• Experimental faith is secondary and fits us for earth.

• Saving faith is intangible (it cannot be measured).

• Experimental faith is tangible (it produces results that can be tested).

• But remember the order:

• Saving faith needs to come first.

• Saving faith is a heart persuasion;

• That Jesus has done all that was needed to secure our salvation

• Saving faith is passive;

• It requires nothing but belief and trust!

Experimental faith lies in the will:

• It is active;

• It too focuses on Jesus and is inspired into activity.

• Faith leads us outside ourselves;

• Because it perceives its object – God.

When a Christian exercises faith:

• They are living by the faithfulness of God, that he keeps his word;

• And they are convinced that his intervention is worth waiting for!

We will see tonight that both Joshua & Caleb had faith:

• While the rest of the nation, sadly did not!

• Only 2 men out of a population of about 2 million people!


There has been an Exodus (a mass departure):

• The Hebrews (Children of Israel) who were slaves in Egypt;

• Have been sprung free, allowed to leave the ghetto of Goshan.

• They are now through the boundaries of the Red Sea;

• And they are on the edge of the promised land.

This is a great moment in their history:

• They are on the edge of this new territory to claim;

• Knowing that God (the God who had delivered them from slavery) had told them in was theirs.

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