Summary: God will rise up men and women for His purposes. We have to be willing and ready to accept that call and respond properly so that the kingdom of God will grow.

Gideon; Man of purpose

Judges chapter six


Turn to Judges chapter six.

We are going to take a look at Gideon this morning, and the conversation he has with God. The story runs from chapter six to chapter eight. We cannot read all those verses this morning, so let me set this up for you before we get to the text.

The Israelites were again in trouble and bondage for disobedience.

They had enjoyed 40 years of freedom under Deborah (judge) and now for the past seven years they had been surrounded by all neighboring nations. To the point they were hiding in caves and having nations coming in after harvest time and stealing their food from them.

The Bible says all of the invaders were like a swarm of locusts. They were everywhere!

They outnumbered them on every front. It got so bad, (6) that the Nation of Israel cried out for help from God.

That really is where God wants to bring rebellious people.

To the point they know they cannot do it, and they call on God.

God responds:

I have brought you up out of Egypt,

Brought you out of slavery.

I have held back the oppressors and enemies from you.

The way you respond back to me:

By worshipping other gods,

Forgetting about me,

Forgetting what I have done for you as a Nation.

You have not listened or obeyed me.

I hear you cry for help. I will respond by sending you a prophet named Gideon who will help you.

Thus enters Gideon!

Gideon is a man of God, living life as best he could under the circumstances.(anyone else there)

Gideon was threshing wheat hidden in a cave in a wine press so the enemies would not take it away and an angel of the Lord shows up!

Judges chapter 6:11-18 Read

Lets take a look and absorb this a minute.

Israel has turned their back on God

They are being defeated by their enemies.

They cry out to God in desperation and God sends a prophet named Gideon.

I. God has a plan

God has a plan and it begins with a repented nation and God will use a man (or women) of God to get it accomplished.

He doesn’t have to, but He chooses too!

God gives each one of us 3 gifts to give back to Him.

(1) Time (2) Talents (3) Opportunities

You can tell me your busy about life, taking care of business, and I’ll tell you that everyone is busy, everyone is trying to take care of their business.

God is wanting to use each one of us! He doesn’t have to, but He chooses too.

God shows up (Everyday life)

Calling- (14) Am I not sending you!

Excuse- (15) How can I save Israel, my clan is the weakest, and I am the least in my family.

Promise of God-(16) I will be with you, and will strike down the Midianites together.

Doubt- (17) Give me a sign God, not once, but twice.

Patience of God- (18)- I will wait.

Where did God begin?

He began with Gideon and his family.

What was his calling?

To rid his family and town of idol worship.

To make an impact right where he was, beginning with his family.

A step of obedience to the Lord takes place when faith is exercised.

God doesn’t usually give advance notice, he sees a need and He decides who He will use. As children of God we are called to be ready to do kingdom work.

God has a plan and it begins with a person-

Abraham, Moses. Paul, Gideon, and YOU!

II. God chooses to use you

You’re the right person.

You are not perfect.

Your not qualified.

You will have to depend on God. (Perfect)

If you believed, really believed that God had a purpose for you, you would live different than most others. It would change the way that you look at things.

I can picture Gideon working his job, thinking about how he was going to just live life and God shows up. He goes through all the excuses of why he’s not the right person. He goes on this long walk arguing with God.

I like long walks. I especially like those taken by people that annoy me. (it will sink in)


Wife says to her husband- watch doing today?

Husband says – nothing!

She says – That’s what you did yesterday.

He says- That’s right, I am not finished!

People are always busy being busy when it involves doing things for God. God is looking for some to step up to the plate and accomplish great things for God.

That generation had forgotten what God had done for them.

They did not acknowledge God. God raised up someone to bring them back.

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