Summary: A look at the different attitudes toward giving at Christmas (or any) time.

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season.... as we shop and we walk through the malls...into Wal-Mart...or any other store we hear them....and the sounds that these bells make mean many different things to different people....and today we are going to examine the possible reactions we might have to the sounds of these bells.

First off....I have to say that this is not a direct endorsement of the Salvation is a "plug" for them...the reason why I am mentioning them is because of the familiarity we have with them during Christmas...because we see them and hear them...they are one of the most recognizable charities during this time of we are using them as a symbol...not for the Salvation Army itself but for the things that we give to during this time of year.

After all, this time of year that we are just entering is traditionally called the "season of giving" isn’t it? Even as Christians....isn’t it safe to say that many of us...when we hear the word "Christmas" we think of all the gifts that we have to buy...and give...and...let’s be honest...the gifts that we are going to receive as well? I mean, if we are really honest there are very few occasions in which we give a gift to someone that we aren’t going to get one back in’s called reciprocity and that isn’t the type of giving that I am talking about today.

The type of giving I am talking about is the giving that you do to charities...whether it be the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots...or any other organization...ones that you are not going to get any material things back in return. That is the type of giving I am talking about this that in mind...let me ask you...what do you think of when you hear the ringing of the bell? What is your attitude?

One additional disclaimer before we get into the heart of our message this morning...the scriptures that we will be looking at...they were not necessarily written to address the giving that occurs during the Christmas season...we are going to be looking at scripture out of First Corinthians and Second Corinthians today...and both passages....particularly the one in second Corinthians were written to address the giving that occurs here at church...but I have no problem applying them to our example because I think the principles are very much the same here....especially when we give during the season that we use to celebrate the birth of although Paul wrote these verses to address the giving that occurred at the church in Corinth....I do not think he would have any problem with our applying them to Christmas...especially when so many of the charities we give to...the Salvation Army...Samaritan’s Purse...and the YMCA just to name a few...are Christian based. So, with all that being said...let’s examine some possible attitudes that we might have when we hear the ringing of the bell during this Christmas season. We will look at two that would probably be the wrong ones to have and then we’ll take a look at one that would be better.

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