Summary: This sermon take us through the life of Abraham and Sarah as they travialed to recieve the child promised by God

Giving birth to the Promise

Genesis 18:9-1 Title-Giving Birth To The Promise

Text: Genesis 18:9-15, Genesis 21:1-2

We as people of God or people in general have a problem with waiting. We want what we want, when we want, how we want and why we want it and it always has to happen at the time when we plan. But how many of you know that things don’t always go our way. We are a spoiled generation. It doesn’t matter if it is good for us or not, We just want it. And if it doesn’t happen when we think it should, we began to devise plans on how we are going to get it to come to pass. That’s how we tend to get in trouble.

Actually we live in a society that encourages our inability to wait. That is why the fast food industry is so popular. Instead of cooking a nice hot homemade meal, We want to pack ourselves or the kids in the car and head over to Mc Donald’s Or walk down to the nearby sub shop or greasy spoon. Let’s not even talk about microwave dinners, For my family calls me the microwave Queen. Now you can even by dinner in a box. The dishwasher was set in place to take away the time it even takes to wash a dish. The tendency not to wait is also the reason that has landed allot of our young men in the jailhouse, Because instead of working to make legitiment money, they would rather live a dangerous life and make fast money. We have got to be honest with ourselves, we have a problem.

Our inability to wait is also what afflicts and destroys our ministries. We tend to want to move to fast instead of waiting on God. The process of moving to fast is what causes a lot of us to fall and lead to our disaster in ministry. The disaster comes when we are unprepared. Unprepared for the work that God has for us to do. How sad it would be to be like the men of Sceva in Acts 19:13-16, who being unprepared for the ministry of casting out demons called themselves going against a demonic spirit. The demonic spirit turned around and said to them Paul I know and Jesus I know but who are you, then he proceeded to jump on them, beat them up and then send those boys out of the houses wounded and naked. They could have been killed but God spared their life. Never try to do the work of God while being unprepared, you will be exposed.

Don’t get me wrong God’s time can seem to take so long. But we also need to realize that God is not a puppet to move at our time or when we want him to. Trust me when he finally does move in your life you will find that it was you who were late and he who is on time. Because we feel that God is not moving fast enough to give us the blessings which we think that we deserve, we tend to want to put our 2 cents in the situation and help him out; not realizing that God does not owe us anything and that everything he gives us come because of privilege and favor. We get this attitude of ok God I have been waiting and waiting on you and nothing has happened yet, so now I am going to do things my way. After I do what I am going to do I’ll repent and you will have to forgive me. We say all of this forgetting the principles that patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait, we have a problem.

Our problem with waiting is also the reason that Satan can come in with his sneaky conniving self and give us a right now counterfeit blessing. Which is the very thing that will take our minds and focus off God. It always seems to be in our nature to go for the right now thing, instead of the right thing. That which God has for us. Thank you Holy Ghost. The reason that we fall so often is because Satan is always showing us through the VCR’s Of our minds what we are lacking and how everybody else seem to have everything, while we seem to have nothing. That’s when we began to lose faith, lose focus, question God and get out of the will of God. We will ask God, Why am I being held back? How come I have been serving you all these years and I have nothing? Why does the wicked seem to prosper more than me? Why is my life always at a stand still? Lord the bible says that the earth is yours and the fullness thereof, so where is the blessing that you promised me?

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