Summary: Our giving to God reveals our faith, spiritual intelligence and love.

Giving is a wonderful expression of one’s love to

others; a visible and outward manifestation of care.

Giving is a natural act and a sign of life. It is

obvious that God is the author of giving. He is the

greatest giver and provider of all our needs. God is

love and His love is so great and His giving is


Through the Scriptures, God wants us to know the

importance and principles of giving that we may live

by them. The blessing of giving gives rejoicing in

the heart and thanksgiving unto the Lord. Giving in

sincerity and in truth glorifies our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ and a consistent mark of a spiritual


Abraham and his way of giving is a great challenge

to every believer today. His giving was powered by

love and faith. His attitude in giving was a

remarkable display of his spiritual intelligence. He

gave his best during his crucial moment and his giving

became a classic example to be followed by those who

fear God.

We should be aware that indifference and

selfishness rob our joy of giving as unbelief blocks

our awaited blessings. God wants us to be blessed;

contrary to false belief that giving leads people to

deep poverty. By faith, we should then follow God’s

principles of giving and see great and wonderful

things from the Lord.

The great intensity of our love and faith in God

leads us to a wider understanding concerning giving

but fear of God maintains our good attitude in giving

our best to our Heavenly Father.

(I) Test Of Faith

Hebrews 11:17

-Our giving reveals the measure

of our faith

(II) Test Of Spiritual Intelligence

Hebrews 11:18

-Be aware that we cannot

outgive God

Luke 6:38

I Chronicles 29:10-15

The reason why we cannot outgive God is

simply because we are giving to Him the

things which actually belong to Him.

© 2003 Jose B. Cabajar (All rights reserved)

(III) Test Of Love

…but perfect love casteth out

fear… I John 4:18

I John 5:3

Multiplied blessings are miraculous fruits

of sharing God’s blessing.

Copyright © 2003 Jose B. Cabajar

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