Summary: Allowing You to trust God

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Giving Up the Pain

Matthew 11: 28-30 Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (29) Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. (30) For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

So many people in today world are hurting from one thing or another, many are hurting from being angry, many are hurting from being in pain, many are hurting from suffering from being used and abused. Many are worried about one thing or another, and they just don’t know how to stop, because it would seems that time one thing is over, here comes something else, and it keep coming over and over and over. Jesus knew this, so it no wonder he said “Come unto to me.”

I. Before I can come, I need to understand who I am. I have discovered that in our own way, my brothers and sisters, we all have good hearts, we all have good intentions, but sometime we allow me to get in the way of our purpose in living. It is our intention to give our best, but me get in the way; it is our desire to give our best to God, but sometimes, me get in the way. We give our life, our heart, our very purpose of existence, but sometimes me get in the way. It is not our intention for me to get in the way, but when it comes to self-survival, me just get in the way. It is not that I feel like you going to show me up, then I have to talk about you, talk you down, because when I look at what you are doing, and God has not shown me, or blessed me with the vision or visions that you have, then me is going to put you down. I have discovered that when we are giving God the glory, we all should be with one accord, not with me accord, if it is not me up front, and then I have to kick it down. This is not God’s way. I should understand it is not my way, not my thoughts, not anything about me, but the Glory belongs to God. I need to understand that I am nothing without God. I must realize that it is only through God that I live. I know you saying you can give it up, but if I could call on a perfect example of me, I would have to call on that astonishing Preacher name Peter. For you see it was him and his thought of self survival on his Judgment Night, it was there that Peter denied knowing Jesus 3 times as he was there by the fire warming himself. However, it was by the fire on his Restoration Night, that Jesus restored him; you remember it was by the fire on the morning after they have been fishing and they caught nothing. Jesus told them they were fishing on the wrong side, and cast their net on the other side, and it was on the other side that they caught so much they had to call for help from another boat. It was their, because Jesus call Peter over to him, and it was by fire that Christ asked Peter, I read where He asked Peter loveth thou me? When Peter answered him, Christ told him to feed my sheep. My brothers and sisters, there are time when we are supposed to do what is the right thing and we don’t, it may be telling some what is right but we don’t, it may be giving them the right path to walk down, but we don’t. We sit there and we allow self to get in the way, and it is because of our failure, we live in the pain, but Jesus is still standing there in front of you waiting on you to hold your head up, saying, “Come”.

II. Church if you want a miracle, you need to come to Jesus. When you have read in your bible, you will find that every miracle performed, required action by the one receiving the miracle. In other word if you want relief from your pain, relief from your suffering, relief from your anger, relief from your worry, you need to some to Jesus. In other word, you ought to motivate yourself and come into his presence. For you see, when they came to Him with the water, He changed it into wine, it was because they came. When Jarius came to Him and asked that Jesus would bring his child back from the dead, it was done, because he came. As they came by him within the procession of a funeral, that child was brought back to life, because they came. That woman with the issue of blood, she was healed just by touching the hem of His garment, she was healed because she came. She fought through the press, reached out with her hand and touched the hem of His garment, she was healed I tell you, because she came. I know it is sometimes hard to believe, but you ought to ask the Lord, Lord help my unbelief. Won’t He do it?

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