Summary: In today’s world many are struggling financially, this series is to help us understand how to be rich in a way that honors God ( Adapted from a series by Craig Groeschel,

As a parent, when I had young children, I remember times that I would give something to one of my children and ask them to share it with their brother/sister. For example you are on a trip in the car and hand child “A” a bag of French fries and ask them to share it with their brother/sister. Before long a fight breaks out. Upon investigation I discover that child “A” does not want to share what I gave them with child “B”. So, I take the French fries back from them. It seems that child “A” forgot I was the provider of the French fries. You might say, in their world, I am the God of their French fries.

Child “A”, like many of us, begins to think that what we have is ours and forget that …

God is the one who gave it to us and

He is the one- determines how we are to use it

Bible talks a lot about money and about being generous in our giving.

God does not need your money or my money.

Bible talks about money because money and way we handle- reveals the spiritual condition of our hearts

Question: How many would like to be known as a below average giver?

Most of us probably would not want to wear that badge, however last week we learned …

The more people have, the less they tend to give, the less people have the more they tend to give.

The richer we become, the more likely we will become a below average giver.

Average American- gives 2-3% of their income.

Those below $10,000 in earnings give 5.2%.

Now, we are not below average in everything.

Many of us are above average spenders.

We know how to shop, find sales, save lots of money.

Some- such good spenders- not only do we spend all that we have, we spend more than we earn.

Over 292 million credit cards in use in- US. Average consumer- 13 credit obligations between credit cards/installment loans. Total consumer debt in US, not including mortgages- $2.5 trillion- we are living beyond our means.


We are in a series- How to be rich.

Not how to get rich- how to be rich and honor God.

Strange time- talk about money- economic turndown.

However, in times like this- good to remind ourselves to live our lives by principle, not by circumstances.

First week looked at- good news and bad news.

Good news is that you are rich.

If earn 45K- in top 1% of wage earners.

When we compare ourselves w/world- we are rich.

Bad news is that you are rich.

Being rich- one of our greatest spiritual challenges …

easy to trust in riches, rather than trust in God.

Good news- you are rich, bad news- you are rich.

Last week we talked about the deceitfulness of riches.

Wealth- deceitful- promises things- cannot deliver.

Promises security/happiness-which only God can give

It causes us never to be satisfied with what we have.

Giving with Intent

Since we are rich- Why did God make us rich?

As we look around at the rich in our nation- obvious conclusion- so they can buy/have/consume more.

Very rarely would I say, based on my observations- God made people rich,

not so they can get more,

but so they can give more.

I have seen a few- as their resources increase, their lifestyle has remained relatively constant.

They created financial margin and are using this to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Why has God made us rich?

2Co 9:10-11 NLT

Image being so generous- causes others to thank God.

I pray our testimony would be …

God has made us rich

but we are not living for ourselves,

though we enjoy the blessings we have,

we do not think it is all for us and

we are giving generously to make a difference.

One reason God makes people rich- so they can give.

We are building a declaration, let’s review it …

God has blessed me

with more than I need,

I am truly rich.

I will not trust in my riches,

but in God who richly provides.

Now let’s build on this declaration …

God has blessed me

with more than I need,

I am truly rich.

I will not trust in my riches,

but in God who richly provides.

Because I have more,

I will give more.

This is how to BE rich- not how to GET rich.

Now we might ask ourselves this next question.

How can I live and give more?

By nature I am selfish- we put our trust in our riches.

Typically as our income increases, we increase our life style- bigger house, go on that vacation.

How can we learn to become bigger givers?

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