Summary: What is our attitude when the collection plate is passed?

Giving with Thanksgiving

Romans 12:8-9; Acts 2:45; 4:32

Attitude of gratitude is the catch phrase for giving. We should give with a humble and contrite heart. Giving is attitudinal; we received from God, and share with the people. We are a Restoration Movement Church; we are looking to restore the NT church. It would do us well to look at how they gave. We are commanded to give (Romans 13:7) but we are not to give God because we owe Him, but because we love Him. The early church gave:

They gave of their time: Illustration: In a church service one Sunday, the offering plate came to a little girl at the end of the row. She took the plate and placed it on the floor, then stood in it. When the one passing the plate saw this he asked her “What are you doing?” She responded “In Sunday School I learned that I was suppose to give myself to God. So I am.” She has the right idea.

1. They prayed for each other (2:42)

2. They gathered together daily (2:46)

3. They shared (2:46, 4:32)

4. We should give of our time to various ministries

a. Children’s church

b. Nursery

c. Sunday School

d. Evangelism

e. Fellowship within and out of the church.

They gave their talents Illustration: There once was a woman who really felt she had nothing to share with or give to God and his people. During the services she would sit, sing softly to herself, pray to herself, engage in little small talk afterward. On Sunday the preacher gave a message on Expressions of Gratitude. When she went home, she thought about the message, she decided to call the preacher and tell him how the message moved her and she wanted to thank him for being her friend. After that conversation, she thought, well that song that David sang, how beautiful was his voice, she decided to call him and tell him how much she appreciated his singing and how much that song meant to her. Later, she thought about the piano player and how beautifully she played, she decided to write her a note thanking her for playing every Sunday. As she was writing that note, she thought about the Sunday School teacher and decided to write her, then the Children’s church teacher, and on and on the list went on as she wrote these notes of encouragement. Finally she realized she did have something to give, encouragement, and she would give it totally. She saw this as her talent for God.

1. Look at the end of each of Paul’s letters he mentions all those who share in the ministry by various means.

2. Roman’s 12:13, share with all who need.

3. Shared in the comforts and the hardships 2 Cor 1:7

4. The Philippian Church did what they could to meet Paul’s need Phil. 4:15, 2:25

5. The needs of the church are met by those within the church. Eph. 4:16

a. Use our gifts to build up

b. Creative skills

c. Workers= it is said that 90% of the work in the church is done by 10% of the people. We need you!

d. Bringing in new people as funny as that seems. Those who just have that talent for meeting people.

They gave of their finances: Illustration of church letter to missionary

1. Paul used his talent as a tentmaker to supply his needs, yet the churches gave financially, prayerfully, and sacrificially. (Acts 24:23, 27:3 2 Cor 9:12)

2. They gave so no one had need Acts 2 and 4.

3. Missions

a. Camp


4. Our own financial needs.

Giving is not just of our money but of our time and our talents as well.

God is like Hallmark he gave the very best, is our giving to Him our very best?

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