Summary: Your labour is never in vain, keep praying, keep digging, and keep seeking. There will be a release of Glory.

Isa 64:1-3 “Oh that you would rend the heavens! That you would come down! That the mountains may shake at your Presence.”

An Open heaven ~

Jacob received angelic visitation and the Nation of Israel was born

Peter had a trance when heaven opened and the Gentiles received Salvation as a result! The Gentile Church was born

John received the revelation of the book of Revelation when heaven was opened

The final chapter of History.

To me one thing seems clear, that when heaven is opened only God can shut it! Once the wall between dimensions has been torn, then it is easy to break through again.

In the Celtic tradition of Christianity these places are called “Thin places” Columba’s Iona, Patricks Croagh Patrick The cliffs of Saint David. and more, but I am led to believe that these places are thin places because the glory of heaven has once been opened there and it is easy to break through again.

Evidenced I think in recent times by 1904 Welsh revival (St David) 1950,s Hebrides revival (Columba) 1920’’s Jefferies Bros in Ireland.(Croagh Patrick)

There are two lessons here

1) We need to be seeking to break through into the Glory of Heaven

2) We need to break through again in places where the Glory has shone!

I started to think about when I was a teenager and we dug a big drain in a swamp which allowed the water to flow freely, It was an excellent flow from one end to the other. But over a period of time the cattle pushed stuff into the drain and ever so slowly the flow was slowed again. But I realised that because the drain had been formed all it would take was to re-dig the existing drain for the flow to start again. Even if the swamp were to return there would always be a drain to clean to get it going again. The swamp need not ever have dominance again.

When God opens no man can close!

Think about this:

GEN29:31 When the LORD zsaw that Leah was 4unloved, He aopened her womb; but Rachel was barren. 32 So Leah conceived and bore a son,

That which God opened bore:

Levi & Judah from which came the Law (Moses a Levite)

And Messiah (Jesus was descended from Judah)

God says Heaven and earth shall pass away but my Law shall remain forever!

God says The throne of David shall endure forever (Jesus)

Now that’s open! Men can fill in the ditch but it will always open again! Think about it. Russia tried for 70 years to destroy the flow, Jesus is still Lord! And Russia is again turning to him.

Is it a coincidence that one of the biggest Church’s in India New Life AG in Chennai is at the base of the mount where the Apostle Thomas was martyred?

What has gone before in your city? There may be an open heaven waiting to be unstopped again near you!

I fully intend to seek the open heaven on Little Mount when I am in Chennai in September. Perhaps your city has seen an out pouring of glory in the past, unblock the drain! Release the flow again.

Or perhaps you are the one digging the drain in your city. Labouring in a dry field, be encouraged your labour is not in vain, Glory will come.

I am reminded of a story I heard some time ago of a missionary family who laboured in a certain field (Because it is an Islamic country I will not name it) for over 25 years they toiled for seemingly no fruit, then the whole family was martyred and that seemed to be that, But 70 years on in that village there has recently been an amazing outpouring of Miraculous glory. Jesus has transformed the village; the Church was born out of the dust it seems! Could it be that this family did dig a well and now it’s been found again?

Revelation 3:8 “I will open a door which no man shall shut”

Your labour is never in vain, keep praying, keep digging, and keep seeking. There will be a release of Glory.

Ian Johnson

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