Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Are you giving God all you can when you are servering Him? You should be

2 Timothy 3:10-15

Go All Out

Thesis: As a result of this sermon, People will Go all out for God in living their lives.


A. Story: Hardee’s Commercial – Tree House

B. Purpose: Are you going all out for God?

C. Back Ground

1. Paul wrote this while he was in Jail facing certain death

2. Paul concern was for other people rather then himself

3. Timothy was a shy guy who suffered from physical ailments and is constantly tempted by other people to let them take advantage of him

4. Did not always assert his authority as a pastor

5. Paul just got done talking about the moral decay of society that is to come

I. Living the life (10-11)

A. Explanation

1. Paul and Timothy were close, Timothy knew all about Paul

2. Paul had a very public life

3. Paul did not live two different lives

4. Antioch – Jews God upset at Paul and kicked him out

5. Iconium - Plans to stone them

6. Lystra – People from Antioch and Iconium stoned Paul

B. Application: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones

C. Illustration: Bubs!

II. Lives Trials (12-13)

A. Explanation

1. Paul is trying to that he is no special person and that this will happen to anybody who serves God faithfully.

2. People are going to go from bad to worse

3. And Yes bad people causes bad things to happen

B. Application: Some people today think that godliness means avoiding persecution, when just the opposite is true

C. Illustration: Tim’s story, Guy who always was praising God

III. Longing toward the Goal (14-15)

A. Explanation

1. Timothy’s mom and grandma taught him the scriptures, so did Paul

2. Continue – Timothy is doing, Paul is reminding.

3. Scriptures will make us wise

B. Application: There are no excuses anymore

C. Illustration: 15 when I gave up the excuses


A. Paul lived out the Godly life that we all love to talk about

B. Paul is not some sort of ultra talented person, He is just a normal guy

C. Its time we stop living our Casual Christian lives.

D. You have been taught the ways to godly living, let’s do it.

E. I think Hardees has said it Perfect – Go All Out

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