Summary: This sermon is about three definitions of walking that are all related to God.


A. Definitions

1. To make headway

2. To move along on foot for pleasure or exercise

3. Advance by steps

1. To make headway

A. To reveal covered things

1. The unveiling of new inventions or creations causes astonishment

2. We need to be astonished at things we see God reveal to us

A. Gods holiness and righteousness

B. Gods nature of love and justness

C. How much He wants to have a Father-Son relationship with us

2. To move along on foot for exercise or pleasure

A. Walking with God Keeps us spiritually healthy

B. Walking for exercise makes us stronger

1. In faith

2. In love

3. To be a burden bearer

C. The more we walk the further we can go

D. Walking with God can be fun

3. We take steps (walk) to heaven (eternal life)

A. Step one is accepting Jesus as messiah

B. Step two is walking with God

C. Step three is being caught away

D. Step four is enjoying the presence of God for eternity

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