Summary: We must go and tell the World about Jesus. It begins with telling those closest to us. Sometimes it means telling other Christians the Gospel.

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We don’t know his given name. He may have used the name legion a

long time. That is the way people knew him. Legion, swarmed by a

cloud of demons. Now he was healed, free and in his right mind. I

want to call him Marty. we'll find out why later. Marty wanted to follow Jesus. He wanted to be

close to Jesus. Marty wanted to live a life of radical obedience. But Jesus

told him to stay, not to go. Do not follow me.

As Jesus got into the boat Marty began to beg Jesus to let him

go with Him. I can imagine he walked into the water and stood holding

on to the side of the boat pleading for Jesus to let him climb in with

Jesus and the disciples. Did the disciples look at each other hoping

Jesus wouldn't let this crazy man in the boat? Or, did they think with

his testimony, it would be easier to draw the crowds?

He was the perfect one to leave everything and join in on Jesus’

mission. He had no belongings, no real tie to the village. He was an

outcast, a loner, everyone had written him off a long time ago. No one,

not even Jesus said a word about his family. He wouldn't be missed.

He was the type of man that the FBI or CIA recruits for

dangerous missions– they have nothing to lose. It is also the type of

person we expect to on foreign missions and share the gospel. Send

him, I have family, a job, friends, a reputation, I have roots here and I

won’t do well being transplanted in a foreign country. Besides, I don’t

like to speak in front of crowds. I don’t have an amazing story of

healing or insight like this man. Send Legion or what’s his new name?

Marty, send Marty. It’s a win-win for everyone. He’s worn out his

welcome here and you can take the one formerly known as Legion and

show him to everyone.

Jesus said “You can’t go with me” Mark 5:19 "Go home to your

friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had

mercy on you." Jesus said go home. Even though he may have thought he

had nothing, Jesus knew he still had a home to go to. He also had

friends. He had a place to go and people to talk to. Jesus gave Marty

a mission. “Go and tell” that is why I name him Marty–because the Greek word

for witness is Martyro. Jesus told this man “You still have people who

care. A place to go. Tell them your story - what the Master did, how he

had mercy on you."

You see telling the Good News is not just for foreign missionaries, or

for pastors going to the slums. It is for each of us. In our homes and

with our friends, we have a story to tell a bout Jesus.

We will look at 4 reasons why we should tell the gospel to

friends, close to home, even why we should tell others who are already


1. Because the Gospel is a message to be given, not just received.

Mark 16:15 "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

Matt 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,

Luke 24:47 repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name

to all nations,

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