Summary: 3rd in series: El Shaddai - God Almighty. We are like rag dolls in the hands an evil demented child but God is in the business of sustaining people like me and people like you.

Did you see Toy Story?

Do you remember the toys? Some were pretty normal – sort of.

· There was our hero, Woody, who was afraid he would lose his place in Andy’s life.

· Mr. Potato Head had a chip on his shoulder and a face that kept falling off.

· There was the dinosaur that wanted to be a fearful Tyrannosaurs Rex fearful giant when he was just a cute piece of molded plastic.

· Of course, there was Buzz Light year who took himself way too seriously.

· And there were the mutant toys that had been maliciously broken by the hyperactive neighbor kid named Sid.

We are like rag dolls in the hands an evil demented child but God is in the business of sustaining people like me and people like you.

El Shaddai – All-Sufficient God

Last week we talked about El Elyon – God Most High

The God who forms our purpose

The God who is the source of our blessings

The God of is worthy of our service – our time – our life

BTW: Have you blessed someone today?


Today we speak of El Shaddai – God Almighty

When we think of an Almighty God we think of a God with power. We think of “Arnold”

Wow! Who ever would have thought that Arnold, "The Terminator", would end up Governor of California.

As weird as that is - remember that actor Ronald Reagan was not only elected Governor of California but he also become the President of the United States.

Does this mean...??? Do you think...??? Nawww... It could never happen!!! His power is not sufficient...

Arnold usually plays the part of a mighty man (or syborg).

He has played the parts of the terminator, the barbarian, and a powerful combatant in "Predator" (All of them definitely guy movies!).

It is this definition of might and power that shapes our understanding of an "Almighty" God.

But this definition is so limiting. "El Shaddai’s" power and might go way beyond the application or raw force.

El Shaddai: Let’s break it down…

In the year 250 B.C., a group of Jewish scholars translated the Scriptures into Greek. This version of the Bible is called the Septaugint. These scholars translated the Hebrew Shaddai into the Greek word ikanos which means "all-sufficient". The word Shaddai occurs some 48 times in the Old Testament and is always translated "almighty" in the King James Version.

“El” is the name of God that speaks of power; but what does “Shaddai” mean? Scholars do not agree. Some say it comes from a Hebrew word meaning “to be strong”; others prefer a word meaning “mountain” certainly a mountain is a symbol of strength. But this alone is not enough. There is a deeper and more profound meaning of Shaddai. A meaning which is so much more than raw power but of quiet sufficiency.

The Hebrew word shad is used 24 times and is always translated as "breast". In the same way that a mother’s breast is "all-sufficient" for her newborn baby’s nourishment, God is "all-sufficient" for His people.

When we combine El (Almighty God) with Shaddai (All-sufficiency and strength) we have "The Almighty God who nurtures and strengthens you".

His might is one of strength and sufficiency. God has enough. God is enough - no matter what the situation or circumstances.

We could say it this way… “El Shaddai” is the name of “the all-powerful and all-sufficient God who can do anything and meet any need.”

Let’s look at three passages where we see El Shaddai at work. We see in each of these passages the sufficiency of God.

In each passage we see a different person – each broken and damaged by life in a different way. Each discovering El Shaddai.

El Shaddai was the God of Abraham

Genesis 17:1-2 (NCV)

1When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty. Obey me and do what is right. 2 I will make an agreement between us, and I will make you the ancestor of many people.”

Let me fill you in a little about Abraham. Here is a man of great faith. He worshiped the one God – El. This he did in a world that had as many gods as they had tent pegs. And they lived in tents.

God made a covenant with Abraham. A holy promise that he would bless Abraham with a son and from that son would come so very much. Great numbers of children would come. Great nations would be built. Great Kings would be born and rule. But most of all there would be one through whom all the families of the world would be blessed and saved. From Abraham would come a great Messiah and a great kingdom.

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