Summary: Isaiah 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

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Are we predestined to be saved or lost?

By the foreknowledge of God and through His infinite wisdom God knows the future and what the outcome of our choices would be,

Knowing this, isn’t it true that the outcome of my salvation is pre-determined? Is my quest for salvation just a matter of going through the already determined motions, is there any need for making an extra effort to serve God – What will be will be! It’s all about how the cards are stacked. – WRONG!

Make no mistake, God Chose you to decide to follow Him and He made it possible for everyone to inherit eternal life. John 3:16-17 John 1:12 But the decision is yours to take. Your final destination will be determined by your own choosing – The choices you now make, is still the determining factor of where you would spend eternity.

God, having a foreknowledge of the outcome of your choices, whether it be for, or against Him, isn’t determining your choices, neither is it deciding for you.

Your eternal life is based on your own decisions, not Gods. In the judgment, God will merely honor the choices you had made.

At creation, God in His infinite wisdom and mercy could have saved us into His Kingdom before sin ever happened. Looking at the mess of sin, God could have decided to turn future into history, saving us form a life of pain and misery. God already knew how things would play out, Why didn’t He finish it all then.

Making this request, is asking God to Judge you based on decisions you did not make yet, decisions you never experienced for yourself.

If you are judged in this way, you would be accepted or rejected without a personal experience. You would not have knowledge of your choices?

Should God accept or reject you, based on future decisions, decisions you never lived out, Justice would not be served.

Think about the consequences; I think about those who would lose their eternal life. They would have a very strong case against God. They could argue and say: God, I know, you say, that given the choice, I would have chosen to be lost; but I never lived it. You tell me that I am lost, lost because I would not have listened to the Holy Spirits still small voice, but I never had your Holy Spirit in the first place. I hear you accusations, judging that I would have rejected the Bibles message, but I never even knew that there were such a thing as a Bible.

You say that I would have rebelled, even after Jesus would have died for my sins, but, Jesus never died for me in the first place. God, you are imagining things!

So, how can you justly condemn me, seeing that I never experienced a life of sin – I never lived it! – And the Devil will say, see, I told you so! He is an unjust God! And the angels would question Gods motives, the fairness of His judgments and they could fall for Lucifer’s accusations.

Well ok, you say, this makes sense, but what about satan and his imps. Surely, God could have wiped the devil from existence, before he created Adam and Eve, then Jesus would not have had to die and sin would never have been.

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