Summary: When God calls us to serve Him, He enables us. Stop looking at your own puny ability and listen to what God is calling us to. Give to God what you have, and let Him work wonders through them and accomplish His purposes.

How would you respond to God if He comes to you and said?

• Listen I have an awesome task for you to accomplish.

• It will be part of my plan to redeem the world to myself.

• It will involve miracles, signs, and wonders.

• It will involve the splitting of the Red Sea and the leading more than million people out of bondage to freedom—how about it?

What would your response be? Would you jump at it and grab it?

• Chances are you won’t.

• Moses didn’t waste any time. He tells God: “Look, I’m not your guy.”

• He then rolled off a bunch of excuses, all of which didn’t really impress God.

Of course it didn’t impress God. God knows him, more than Moses knows himself.

• When God calls him, do you think He knows that Moses may not be that eloquent, if that is really true?

• Do you think God knows that Moses is “slow of speech and tongue”? (4:10)

God knows Moses before He even calls him.

• God knows you when He calls you to serve Him! He knows all about your handicaps, your weaknesses…

• Therefore to give Him excuses, to tell Him that you can’t, is really redundant.

What God is looking for is a vessel that is willing to be placed in His hands!

• Not someone who feels he is qualified and good.

• He wants someone who BELIEVES Him enough to do His work by His power.


Stop looking at your own puny ability and LISTEN to what God is calling us to.

Stop thinking about your ability and start thinking about God’s Word.

• If David kept looking at himself, he would not have faced Goliath.

• If Peter kept thinking about man’s ability, he would not have walked on water.

• If George Mueller looked at his own resources, he would not have started orphanages.

Stop thinking about what you can or cannot do.

• The first thing that Moses did was to look at himself – “Who am I?” (3:11)

• You’ll lose confidence in doing what God wants you to do if you keep looking at your limitations.

Moses started to list out all his inabilities, inadequacies, as if God did not know.

• God had a hard time convincing Moses, just as He has today with many Christians.

• God was angered eventually by Moses’ stubbornness and reluctance.

So you know how you can make God angry?

• Refuse to do what God expects from you.

• When God calls you, He knows all your shortcomings.

• He did not choose you because if you have great strengths and wisdom.

• God says, “Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” (4:12)

• God uses anyone who has a willing heart to serve Him.

Moses kept looking at himself. He wants to feel qualified to do the job.

• We do the same – whenever there is something to be done, we’ll look at ourselves.

• We focus on our abilities, and not at the work that God wants us to do.

• This is a mistake. You can never be “good enough” for God, on your own.

• We need God’s help. We need the gifts God gives to each of us.

When I ponder Moses’ experience, I thought of the disciples.

• They had a similar experience when a hungry crowd of more than 5000 people needed to be fed, and Jesus turned to them and said, “You give them something to eat.” (Mark 6:37)

• That was an enormous task. They were stunned by the question, just like Moses was taken aback by the size of this task.

• They probably wondered why Jesus would even ask it.

• After all, He would have known that they didn’t have the kind of money to buy dinner.

You see, when God calls you to a task, He knows all your limitations and inabilities.

• Yet He wants you to be part of His work, to rely on His help and complete the task.

• The Bible tells us exactly what Jesus was thinking – in John 6:6 “He asked this only to test him [Philip], for he already had in mind what he was going to do.”

The disciples were actually challenged to look to God.

• They had been with Jesus – watching Him, hearing Him, and learning from Him.

• Jesus wants them to learn how He operates in the realm of faith.

Like Moses, they started to look to themselves.

• They said to Jesus, "That would take eight months of a man’s wages! Are we to go and spend that much on bread and give it to them to eat?" (Mark 6:37)

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