Summary: Jonah 3 shows us what God can do through us despite our limitations. It also gives us a clear & strong reminder about his message.


Review of Jonah 1-3:2

1. God called his prophet to fulfill his purpose & go to preach to Nineveh (in modern day Iraq).

2. Jonah attempted to run away to Spain but God sent a storm & a fish to get his attention.

3. Jonah asked God for help when he found himself in a spot he couldn’t get out of and was saved by God’s mercy

4. God came to Jonah yet a second time and this time Jonah listened and went to Nineveh (Over 500 miles, probably over a months journey)

Read Jonah 3:3-10

From these verses we’re going to see 3 things that God teaches us about what he can do. We’ll also get a clear and strong reminder about his message and it’s power.

I. God can work, even when we’re limited

1. This is a message to the church today

a. People have ALWAYS wanted a ‘sign’ or a ‘show’

(Matthew 12:38-41)

b. Jonah’s message is not great but his God is awesome

2. This is also a message to each of us

a. What’s holding you back from doing more?

II. God can turn the hearts of a wayward people

1. What people have you determined to be “beyond reach”?

2. Who has HE said is beyond his mercy?

III. God can turn a bad government around

1. Notice that he doesn’t always send in an invading army

2. Notice that it begins with his messenger reaching the people

3. Notice that this begins with the revival, not the decree

IV. God’s message is constant “Repent, for the end is near”

1. This was the message to Nineveh

2. This was the message in the New Testament

3. This is the message to us today


- Explain repent

- Ask those that are willing to pray for forgiveness

- Remind them that they now need to go in a different direction

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