Summary: God often uses the most unlikey people to do His work. He can use you as well. Note: At the (*) I has asked a violin player to beging playing the hymn "Amazing Grace". I would imagine that your piano or organ player could do the same. The effect was phen

God Can Use You

1 Corinthians 1:26-31

Intro: It never ceases to amaze me the people that God chooses to do His work.

-We would choose “the wise, the mighty, the weak”.

Vs 26

-Instead God uses... (Vss. 27,28)

-"The foolish things of the world to confound the


-"The weak things of the world to confound the

things which are mighty;"

-"Base things of the world",

-"And things which are despised".

-We often think that God cannot use us.

-We have no talents that God can use.

--We have no gifts.

--We have no ability

--We have no education.

--We have no experience.

--We have no strength

--We have no “know-how”

--We have no opportunity.


I. David. 1 Samuel 16:1-12

A.Saul had been rejected as king and God sent Samuel

to anoint a new king. Vs. 1-3

1.Samuel went. Vs. 4-5

2.Jesse and his sons were summoned to the

sacrifice vs 5

3.The sons were lined up….

a.Surely the oldest (Eliab) would be chosen.

(vs 6-7)

b.Surely the second to the oldest (Abinadab).

Vs 8

c.Surely the third (Shammah)

4.All seven were rejected. Vs 10

a.God’s standards are not man’s standards. Vs 7

b.Samuel asked “Are these all your children”. Vs 11

5.There was one more…David. 11

a.The youngest

b.keeper of sheep.

c.Ruddy – red – sunburn(?) or rosy cheeks(?)

--Good looking…


1.The one that was not even considered worthy to

be called to the line up was chosen by God.

2.David became Israel’s greatest king ever….

a.God used David to establish His kingdom.

b.To gather the materials to build the Temple.

c.To write most of the Psalms.

If God can use a little Shepard boy and turn him into a king…God can use you.

II. Aaron Numbers 17

A. Apparently the people had been complaining about

the ability of Aaron to be the High Priest. Vs. 5

B. Each family of Israel was request to bring a rod.

(basically an ugly stick)

1. Each was to write their name on it.

2.Each would be placed in the Tabernacle.

3.The one chosen by God would blossom. Vs 5

C. Now what about Aaron? (Was he qualified?)

1.Exodus 32

2.Aaron had led the people into idolatry.

Vs 1-6

3.Then tried to blame it on the people. Vs 21-24

4.Surely he would not have the commitment to

serve the Lord.

D. When the rods were removed, Aaron’s had blossomed.

1.God had chosen Aaron.

2.God’s charge to Aaron. Vs 18:1-7

Regardless of your past, God can use you to serve Him.

III. A Modern example.

A.There was a man born nearly 300 years ago.

1.He was 11 years old when he began working on

ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

2.He once tried to run away and he was demoted to

the lowest rank on the ship.

3.He had a reputation as being one of the most

undisciplined, rude, foul-mouthed sailors.

4. He was so bad the few captains wanted him on

their vessel.

B. Eventually, he was given his own ship…it was a

slave ship.

1.He would take slaves by the hundreds to the

new world.

2.Till one night he was caught in a storm…it

seemed that the ship would sink, and all

would be lost.

C. On May 10th 1748 He gave his life to Jesus Christ.

(*Begin music)

1.He soon quit as the captain of the slave


2.He would go on the study for the ministry

and God used him to write one of the

greatest Hymns in all of Christianity.


By God’s grace He can use you…

-No matter who you are…

-No matter what you’ve done.

-God can use you….


He used David the shepherd boy

He used Aaron the idolater.

He used John Newton the slave trader.

God can use you…

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