Summary: A series of 5 things God can’t do. God can’t fail to bring about his purposes

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5 Things God Can’t Do – 5) God Can’t Fail.

Gladstone Baptist Church – 6/2/05 pm

(Adapted from “It’s Impossible for God to Fail” – By Doug Fields)

We’ve reached the end of our series on 5 things God can’t do. 1) We’ve seen that God can’t lie – What he says he will do – no ifs, no buts. 2) We’ve seen that God can’t want your worst. No matter how badly we mistreat him. No matter how much we hurt Him, he still wants our very best, just like a perfect father. 3) We’ve seen that God can’t abandon you. Yes, we might feel, like God has left us to our own devices. But facts are different to feelings. When we feel this way, we need to remember that God is there, even carrying us. We’ll never walk alone when we walk with God. 4) Last week we saw that God can’t reject us. It doesn’t matter how bad we are or how ugly we think we are, He loves us, He wants to make us all that we could be and He will never give up on us, no matter what.

So here we are at the last week. There is one more thing that I want you to know about God. 1 More thing that God can’t do. God can’t fail. It’s impossible for God to fail. This is a big one for many of us in here tonight, because many of us think that God has failed us in some way.

Usually when something bad happens we love to blame this on God. I realize that not every one of you drive, but those of you who drive, you know that you have to have insurance. When there is insurance policies on a car or homes, they always cover most things, but there are always exceptions. One of the things they never cover is what they call “Acts of God.” – earthquakes, lightning, flooding, exploding poodles, and other “Acts of God”. The insurance companies blame God for these things and we often shake our fist at Him too.

Have a look at this clip and see how ludicrous it is.

Clip from “The Man who sued God”

When bad stuff happens we love to blame God. Somebody gets drunk, they are driving erratically and hit a child and kills them. Do you know what everyone does – they blame God for it. “God! Why did let this happen?” I mean, like it’s God’s fault that someone got drunk and ran someone over. You cheat on a test. They get caught and you are expelled. You say - “God! I thought you were all loving and taking care of me and now you let me down!” When we’re idiots, we love to blame God. Like God has failed us or something.

What I want you to walk out of church tonight with is this one truth. It’s impossible for God to fail no matter how you or I feel. As I’ve thought about this during the week I believe that many of us have feelings that cut so deep. Feelings of disappointment because we think God has let us down. Here are three big ones.

1. Sometimes I feel like God has failed me because of the way that I’m DESIGNED.

We’re not happy with how we are. We wish we had smaller ears or bigger ears or a bigger nose or a smaller nose. I know some of you think I can’t relate to this because I have the perfect bodybuilders body, What – you don’t think that is the case? Well it once was – Age is now working against me!!!

The truth of the matter is that every one of us in here wish something was different. It’s very normal to wish that. And it is why there is such a huge business in plastic surgery and make overs. Every week, now we have numerous shows where people seek to be transformed … We have extreme makeover, the biggest loser, nip and tuck, the Fad Five, etc, etc

Even “beautiful” people have things about themselves that they would like to change.

2. Sometimes I feel like God has failed because of my PAIN.

Most people walking sitting around you right now, seem fairly happy, fairly content with life. That’s on the outside anyway. On the insider of many of you, is pain. Many people have a lot of pain in their lives. A lot of times we try to hide it with how we look. Girls put their make up on. They keep up the routine and hang out with other “happy people”, but they are crying on the inside.

Until you open up and share with other people nobody knows your pain. Some of you cry yourselves to sleep, you families are broken, your dad doesn’t spend any time with you, you’re totally lonely. And because of all that you say, “God! What are you doing?”

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