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God’s care

Reading: Esther chapters 2 verse 5-11..


Top 6 things that people tend to forget:

• 6: faces

• 5: what was said

• 4: words

• 3:telephone numbers

• 2: where something is

• 1: names!

Be assured of this:

• God not only knows you by name, but he will never ever forget it!

• ill: “Stand up & sat down” (Psalm 139 verses 1-2).

• ill: “Hairs on our head are numbered” (Matthew chapter 10 verse 30).


• Charles Spurgeon (18th century Baptist preacher & author);

• Once went down to visit a friend in the country.

• His friend had built a new barn,

• And above it he had placed a weather-vane bearing the text, "God Is Love".

• Spurgeon did not like for he thought it gave the impression;

• "That God’s love is as changeable as the wind?"

• But his friend said that it was the complete opposite;

• "It means that God is love, whichever way the wind blows!"

• The Old Testament book of Esther is a beautiful illustration of that;

• Before we look at our passage we need to get some background.

(a). The plot.


• In 46 days time it will be Bonfire Night (November 5th )

• Some people will take an effigy of a man called Guy Fawkes & burn it on top of a bonfire.

• The reason we do that is because in 1605;

• He hid 1.5 tonnes of gunpowder under the Houses of parliament,

• As well as blowing up the building,

• His plot was to blow up the entire government.

• As if it wasn’t for a man called Francis Tresham who gave the game away,

• He might have succeeded!

• Instead he was caught, arrested and imprisoned & tortured in the Tower of London.

• On January 31st 1606 along with seven other men;

• Was executed opposite the very building he tried to blow up.

• Ever since then we have celebrated that occasion each November 5th;

• With bonfires and fireworks and many still even make a ‘guy’ (stuffed dummy).

Years before Guy Fawkes Existed:

• Another plot took place;

• This time it was not to exterminate a group of politicians but a whole race of people.

• That is the story contained in the Bible book called Esther;

• We have recorded their the story of a plot to exterminate every Jewish person:


• Throughout history many world leaders and dictators have tried to do just that;

• From Pharaoh in the book of Exodus, to Adolph Hitler’s holocaust in the 2nd World War.

• And there are many alive in our world today;

• Who are trying to, or would love to see the Jewish people destroyed!

• That is the situation that occurs in this book called Esther.

• We know that the plot failed,

• But Esther is the gripping story of how her peoples future survival depends on her!


• Had the plot succeeded and the Jewish nation been exterminated!

• Think of what this would have meant to world history and to especially to you and me!

• No more Jews and therefore no Bible (one Gentile wrote 2 books, the rest is Jewish).

• And most of all no Jesus!

• And therefore no salvation!

(2). The Time.

• Historically it took place in the 5th century B.C. (From 486 to 465 B.C).

• Biblically the story fits in between Ezra chapters 6 and 7.

• Ill: Boy Arlo used to say when you told him things;

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