Summary: God is incomplete control of His creation. The lies of a natural force or of 'mother nature' not only contradict Scripture but take away from God the fact that He, and He alone is sovereign.

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Psalm 139: 1-18

Last time we had a look at the idea that many have, in which the universe is run according to a mechanistic system, and that God is not in control over the things that happen in the world.

There are many who believe that any ‘intrusion’ from outside, including that of God, is simply not possible, and that is why they say that certain things happen even though those things are not the will of God.

I can understand why people say this, because you simply need to look at the world we are living in to see that it is absolute chaos. Murder, rape, wars, abortion, natural disasters, and the list goes on and on.

Now when we think about these things, and try to get answers to these things, many people have come to the conclusion that because these things are happening, it must mean, or imply that these things are against the will of God. He is not in control over what someone is doing; He is not in control of the murderer, the rapist, and also of the natural disasters ravaging our planet. Easy to see and to a degree almost understand why people have a desire to ‘protect’ God from being responsible for these things.

Now we’ll come back to that in a moment, but just to get us back on track with regards to where we are and what we have said, we need to go back to the first question our mountain climber asked, and we need to just understand one simple truth regarding the question of ‘is there anyone up there?’

Now I’m not going to get into that discussion again, except for one point that I purposefully left out last week which is vital for our continued and future understanding of God’s providence. We saw that there was/ is someone up there who is able, and willing to help us; we also saw that He is not some impersonal being, but rather that He is a personal, involved, and loving God. Now, what we didn’t mention about God was the fact that He is also the creator of Heaven and earth, and with that I mean that everything that is, had its origin in God’s spoken word as we hear of it in Genesis. “And God said...let there be...”

So, the point I want to make now is the fact that God is the only and complete creator of everything! (John 1:3) Why this is important is for the simple yet vital fact that there is a Creator over and above and beyond the creature or the created order. Let me make this clear –the Christian understanding of Gods’ providence is very closely bound up with the fact that God is the Creator and as such He is the ruler, or the governor of His creation.

You see, it’s not that God created the universe and now kind of sits back and watches it operate according to its own internal mechanism, or that He is now uninvolved, or that He is no longer in control of His creation. God has never turned His back on His creation, and He most certainly has not lost touch with it.

Last time we had a look at the fact that God is not merely a spectator watching everything that is happening on earth. He is not powerless, unable or unwilling to interact with His creation or to force certain things to happen, or not to happen.

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