Summary: God is not a fast food resteraunt with a drive-thru. We don't get our salvation OUR way, but rather, we take it God's way, or we just DON'T get it.

Launching Text: Jeremiah 18:1-6

We often take for granted the convenience of a drive-thru at McDonalds, right up until, for whatever reason, we have to park the car and go inside the store to get our low-quality burgers and fries. At this point we begin to complain. Giving up control is difficult for us. When we get ready for God to remove our short-comings and imperfections, we still want to control how he does it. We are so used to calling the shots that we ask for God's help as long as we receive that help on our terms. We often demand that the changes happen on our timetable, or in the order we feel ready to give them up, etc. However, God doesn't work that way. That is why humility is such an important part of this process.

A. Destruction is certain for those whom argue with their creator. Isaiah 45:9-13

1. The Psalms make it clear that it is acceptable to pour out our complaints and arguments to God as we try to deal with the

problems of life. What is here rebuked is Israel's stubborn and chronic unbelief. They charged God with fumbling his control

of history in raising Cyrus to power. While they saw it as God just helping another enemy, the Israelites limited view of life did

not allow them to see God's true purpose. Likewise, we may not understand why God is allowing certain things to happen but

we can trust that he is working according to his perfect plan. ( cf. Romans 8:28 ).

B. it is difficult to learn to humble ourselves in such a way to allow the Holy Spirit to take control . 1 Peter 5:6 .

1. We will (usually, but by no means always) not see immediate, fast-tracked results. We are commanded to

"...WORK OUT our salvation with fear and trembling..." (cf. Philippians 2:12 , etc.) To work out our salvation means an

an ongoing process, to which there is no definitive end, (i.e. the process is perpetual.)

C. If you have truly submitted yourself to God, You will be subjected to several stages of change. While change is difficult for most, under the majority of circumstances, it is the necessary evidence of our salvation.

1. Faith without works is dead. (Cf. James 2:17)

2. Change doesn't come without a price. (Cf. Exodus 17:1-4) Here, after having freed the Israelites from the captivity of the

Egyptians, God lead them into the desert to undergo yet another and much bigger process of fundamental change. Likewise,

when God makes small changes in us which we perceive as difficult, these changes are necessary to set the stage for a larger

process of change to occur that is usually not within our limited natural perception.

Notes: Please feel free to further elaborate on this outline to suit your own needs. This outline may be freely reproduced, however it is not intended nor licensed to be sold for any reason, regardless of profit.

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