Summary: For the glory of God---to seek the truth.



Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (September 8, 2015)

“And I seek not mine own glory: there is one that seeketh and judgeth” (St. John 8:50, King James Version [Christ answereth the Jews]).

Greetings In The Holy Name Of Jesus,

My brothers and sisters, when you come up with a concept for your bright idea---who do you believe planted the seed in your heart and in your mind BUT the God you serve BUT the Christ Jesus that saved you. However, seemingly easy for you to think that you have options to consider---the BUT first I need to do this or that or BUT I am the head----trying to maneuver around the will of GOD is fool hardy at best. What if the conception of your bright idea planted by God ready to bear fruit happened so fast that there is no time for you to do this or that and you are not the head because you must follow Christ Jesus---the will of God, then is it your will that bears you the fruit of the good works by faith for good works are the fruit of faith---the necessary fruit? The fruit you bear---are ready to bear is the will of God pouring you out a blessing you do not have room to hold it in---in a cup that runneth over---the fields are white---it is harvest time---that supplieth your needs by the faith of Christ Jesus. GOD is an on time GOD.

Do you hear the song, “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child...”? Who is your father?---To receive you must believe. Oh, if only you believed in Christ Jesus---that all things are possible even in your darkest hour---all things are possible. I recognize your feelings that you just could go down this road and up that street and receive from God instead up following---doing what is necessary to receive the fruit of good works by faith----doing what is necessary for God to rain down blessings upon your head, so you can dance like David. Oh, if only you believed that blessings rain down even when the sun is ablaze burning everything in its path---burning down every thing in its sight---still God rains down blessings. Do you believe God sent Christ Jesus to save you? Do you believe God sent Christ Jesus to bless you?

Recently, my memories took me back to my first trip to Africa---to the motherland----it was a promised land, for me. I thought about the good works before me---works our team intended to meet with success---our faith---our education mission. Yet to go to Africa was still a spiritual journey that reached down deep into my heart for once I was lost now I was found haunted me to see the dock where the ships took us---slaves away in the 17th century, probably from Benin, West Africa---a French colony where slave ships docked. In all honesty, I knew any slave at that dock during that time represented all slaves from all the African countries brought there against their will---some sold to the slave traders, others kidnapped---stolen away and now as I looked at the ship docked there---as I stood there I felt so small and the ship looked extremely large, I felt helpless---a feeling I am sure the slaves felt the day they loaded them up and sailed away from Africa knowing they would probably never see their Africa again..

I thought about what someone said, “Sometimes your spirit gets left behind when you go on long journeys.” I decided not to fear the saying but to seek comfort in my love for God and my love for Christ Jesus that all would be well---with us, for I took my sons with me. One day as I left the church I attended en route to a restaurant, the sun's rays were so feverishly hot at high noon I knew why hardly anyone was out and about at that time---I needed two liters of water and a beverage---one liter of each, to recover [---The folks were not on the back roads that led to the restaurant in a sea of color as they were my first day standing out on the upstairs terrace looking down and out, listening to the country's representative ask, “Have you ever seen that many Africans at one time? I answered, “No.”---but I couldn't help but see this one white lady with an African man in the midst of the sea of color]. Now, I see a dear friend is in South Africa, a medical doctor and I wonder if she is there for pleasure with her husband, also a medical doctor or on a medical mission, nevertheless, I am sure South Africa was happy to see them for I know Africa feels their spirits as one---their presence of Christ Jesus---all things are possible with Christ Jesus, if only you believe.

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