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Summary: I know you have heard the expression, “He sure was a good man.” Maybe you remember the phrase, “The one thing I remember about my father is, that he was a good man.” I want to suggest to you today that what we need are not just good fathers but we nee

I know you have heard the expression, “He sure was a good man.” Maybe you remember the phrase, “The one thing I remember about my father is, that he was a good man.”

I want to suggest to you today that what we need are not just good fathers but we need godly fathers.

Good will not take our children or us to heaven.

Some men have the attitude that the doctrine of separation of church and state means that anything religious, sacred, or spiritual should be relegated to the church worship hour, and they can do as they please the rest of the time.

Many fathers are afraid to be real fathers. They don’t want to have anything to do with God or church. But real men are godly men, men who aren’t afraid to take up their God given responsibility.

Fathers, it’s time we quit letting our wives do the things that God has called us to do. Like raising our children for Him; leading our children in devotions; being involved in church, etc.

Dads, lets stop just being known as good providers and start being known as godly fathers.

It seems that women, mothers, wives have been put in the position of teaching the children about God and reading the word and praying in the home.

Fathers, it’s time we started taking our place as the spiritual leader of the home and begin to teach our children Biblical principles and praying with them. What we need is not just good fathers but godly fathers.

Fathers have the greatest opportunity as teachers of anyone in the world. You see, that boy or girl in the home has the chance to see if father really believes and practices what they teach.

A father, who says he believes in Sunday school, and then doesn’t go himself, is teaching by his actions that he really does not feel it is very important.

A father who teaches love and tolerance to all and yet maintains a critical attitude in the home towards his brothers and sisters in the church, is doing a wrong to his children which never in this world can be undone. It is pure poison to the mind of the child, and will most certainly be a stumbling block in the way of the child becoming a Christian.

A father who says he believes the Bible to be the greatest book, to be God’s Word to us, but leaves it on the shelf to gather dust while he spends hours with the newspaper, magazines, radio, and television is in reality saying, “Children, the Bible isn’t too important. You should read it if you have any extra time.”

What one of you has not heard a little boy or girl step proudly forward among their playmates and declare, “I know that’s so because my Daddy said so!” He/she has confidence in you, dear Dad, and the things which they see you put first in your life are going to stand our as mighty important to them, too.

Let me say it again, no person on earth has as great an opportunity to influence children for God as the father has. Have you ever noticed what the Scripture says in Ephesians 6:4. I mean really notice it. It doesn’t say, “Mothers, bring your children up…” It says, “FATHERS, bring your children up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Do you see what responsibility we as Fathers have?

Being a father is more than paying the bills, providing a home and education, allowing recreation, administering an occasional lecture, & being a disciplinarian.

A father must be an example; he must show love and affection, he must help raise his children for God. Leading his family in righteousness is his prime responsibility, we, I forget that sometimes.

You can be good without being godly but you can’t be godly without being good. The closer your relationship is with God the better father and husband you will be.

Fathers, whether we like it or not we have been called to be the priest of our home. If your children aren’t being taught godly principles at home, guess what? It isn’t mom’s fault it’s your fault because God has ordained that men be the priest of the Home.

In a way your wife and children are your congregation and you are their pastor.

Fathers, not moms are to be the spiritual leaders of the home.

Even if your children are grown, fathers, it is still your responsibility as the priest to do all you can to try and reach them for Jesus, to set a godly not just a good example before them.

We are in a raging battle for the hearts of our families that begins at the cradle and never ends this side of the grave. It’s time for fathers to wake up and take their responsibility as head of the family and run the devil out of their home.

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