(with Dick Holden)

1. Spiritual Investing Requires Careful Planning (:6-7)

a. Relationship of sowing to giving (implies a careful effort)

1) Sowing -- not scattering but careful planting

2) Giving -- not throwing money away but careful planning

3) Laws of nature apply to laws of giving

b. Direct planning -- involves "purpose" = to choose beforehand

1) not grudgingly

2) not under compulsion

3) hilariously

c. Type of investing

1) Gal. 6:8

2) Example of unjust steward (Lk. 16:1-13)

a) temporal vs. eternal benefits

b) earthly vs spiritual investments

2. God Provides the Capital for All Spiritual Investments (:8-11)

a. God is Able (our guarantee)

b. Psalm 112:9 -- spiritual and material prosperity of the man who trusts God

c. God as supplier

1) common grace -- seed to produce food

2) special grace -- resources to multiply potential for a full harvest of good deeds

d. Enrichment

1) eternally (harvest of righteousness)

2) materially (to keep passing it on)

3) physically/emotionally (obedience to the Word)

3. There are Immediate Returns on Spiritual Investments (:12-15)

a. Fully supplies the needs of the saints

b. Results in many thanksgivings to God

c. Glorifies God

1) because of obedience to the confession of the Gospel

2) because of the generosity of the gift

d. Mutual ministry -- receiver prays for giver

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Gordon A Ward Jr

commented on Jan 5, 2015

This is finally what I needed to see and to close small talk on " Inestment". Well put! Thank you.

Gordon A Ward Jr

commented on Jan 5, 2015

I meant Investment.

Joseph Kibet Chemunyan

commented on Feb 29, 2016

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