Summary: Once you have reached your place of destiny, God wants to keep you there. This is one test you have to pass to remain in that position.

God’s Great Sense of Humor

Genesis 41:39-41

Every test, every turning point in Joseph’s life has been leading up to this moment.

· For Presidential candidates this is like the swearing in ceremony. After four years of running the race, visiting major cities in every state, fulfilling all the obligations of debates, this one-day represents their victory. Their time to be “officially” put into office

For Joseph, this was more than just a pronouncement by Pharaoh; this was the day that he had reached his destiny. He was now in the position where God wants Him to be. There is nothing like being in the center of God’s Will.

What a feeling of accomplishment!

(College Football: Texas winning the championship!)

Joseph has gone through many obstacles and many tests to get where he is today.

Many opportunities to give up – but he didn’t

Many opportunities to point the finger – but he didn’t

Many opportunities to get mad at God – but he didn’t

Joseph knew this day was coming.

He would have made Galatians 6:9 as his personal scripture: “And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time (season) we shall reap if we do not grow weary (lose heart).”

Your day is also coming. But learn from the life of Joseph that the trials you are going through are just stepping-stones to where God wants you to be.

This church has gone through some tough times, not just in 2005, but in years past – they were just stepping stones to get us to 2006, the year that God is going to bless us beyond our imagination.

But only after we have passed the tests!

Joseph is rewarded in many waysn for passing the previous tests:

1. Joseph got a new position (v.41)

He is now over “all the land of Egypt” and there is only one person who is over him and that is Pharaoh.

2. Joseph has new clothes (v.42)

This represents his new life. He is no longer wearing the ragged prison clothes he has fine linen. What he couldn’t afford before, God has blessed him with now.

Joseph got a wife who had two sons:

Manasseh – making to forget

“For God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household.”

Ephraim – Fruitfulness

“For God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.”

So what did God use to put Joseph in his place of destiny?

Pharaoh had a dream and Joseph was the only who could interpret the dream.

Here’s the dream:

God was telling Pharaoh what He was about to do. He promised him seven good years of abundance over the land of Egypt followed by seven years of famine. The reason Pharaoh had this dream twice was to show that God was about to act quickly. And through the dream, Joseph instructed Pharaoh God’s command for him to look for a man to set over the land.

v.39 – So Pharaoh named Joseph in charge of the land.

God used Joseph’s talent that he had as a young boy to bring about his place of destiny.

· What are your talents?

· What are those things you like to do that you are good at?

Those are the tools God is going to use to bring about your place of destiny and victory.

· Start practicing.

· Get to work on making sure you are good at what you do.

Because God is about to raise you up in this generation.

Notice that Joseph is now 30 years old. All of this that has happened to him has happened in his first 30 years of life.

Things are going great for Joseph.

· He has his new bride

· His two sons who are growing by leaps and bounds

· His land is being blessed with abundance.

· He is storing the access away for he knows what is coming

· He is preparing for the future

· He is doing his job and doing it great

Life couldn’t be better until the famine came.

But Joseph wasn’t surprised; he had been planning for this day for seven years. He was ready. That’s why he was the man for the job.

v.55 – So when all of Egypt was experiencing this great famine, Pharaoh instructed all the people to go to Joseph and “whatever he says, goes”.

God Has a Wonderful Sense of Humor

And sometimes we don’t thing its that funny but our Heavenly Father has a way of making things turn around in our lives for our good.

While the famine had covered all of Egypt, it also reached as far as Joseph’s family, his father Jacob and all of his brothers.

Chapter 42 – The day that Joseph has his toughest test

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