Summary: A Easter Message... God’s Plan for us through the Resurrected Christ is revealed.

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Let’s open up our Bibles to John 20: 1-18... Let’s stand as we read God’s Holy Word.

1. God has always had a _Plan_ for your Life.

Can you imagine with me what these disciples of Jesus were thinking in the hours after watching their friend, Jesus… this God-Man who had showed them so many miracles, who had taught them so much about the Kingdom of Heaven….Can you imagine what they were thinking as they were huddled in their homes… afraid of what might happen next to them personally… but also afraid that maybe they had believed in someone who wasn’t all that He claimed to be…. Because He’s dead.

God has a plan. Say that with me this morning… God has a Plan.

I don’t know about you but I think the disciples were a little confused about the Plan that God was unveiling.. Don’t you think they were.

Now I want you to understand Jesus didn’t trick the disciples… in fact, in many cases in Scripture Jesus tells his disciples that He is going to die, and be raise from the dead… but the disciples just could not “see clearly” what Jesus was trying to tell them.

In Luke 18: 31-33 Jesus says it as plain as you can, but it was just beyond them to comprehend this Plan.. Listen to what Jesus said, LK 18:31 Jesus took the Twelve aside and told them, "We are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written by the prophets about the Son of Man will be fulfilled. 32 He will be handed over to the Gentiles. They will mock him, insult him, spit on him, flog him and kill him. 33 On the third day he will rise again."

The disciples couldn’t understand God’s plan for their salvation, their view wasn’t clear… Can you imagine playing a game and the coach coming to the team before the game starts and says, “Listen, I have the game plan here… this is going to work, trust me… Were going to lose the game…… on purpose…. And then in 3 days were really going to Win”. We would say the coach was crazy…

Do you know what God’s Plan is for your Life? God has paved a way for you and for me to know Him, to live for Him, and to spend eternity with Him in Heaven…. That road that has been paved… was paved in blood…. The blood of Jesus… God’s only Son… who God Sent…. On purpose, as part of this “Out of this World” plan to die for you and for me.

Why did Jesus have to Die? That’s a good question.

The Answer is really simple….. Because You and I are sinners… we have all sinned against God in one way or another… we have all choosen at some point in our life to do exactly what we wanted… no matter what we knew in our heart of hearts was the right thing…. We choose to put ourself on the throne of our hearts instead of the God who created us to Worship Him only.

God who so loved us, even when we have sinned against Him, Had a plan from the very beginning to take care of this sin problem. We need to understand that God takes sin serious… there could not be just a sweeping of our sins under the rug of heaven… the Bible teaches us that God is Holy, without blemish, totally Righteous… so in order to have a personal relationship with us who have been covered in sin…. There had to be a cleansing… that stain of sin that we all have had to washed away so that we could be made Holy, and so we could come into the presence of a Holy God. So what was God’s answer to this delimma?

There was only one thing so Holy, so precious, so vaulable that if given, it would appease the Holiness of God… and that one thing was the life blood of His Own Son, Jesus Christ.

Are you grasping that today?

God sacrificed His Son for you and for me.

Does that tell you about how much God love you? He loves you… right now.

Can you say GOD HAS A PLAN.

So what keeps us from knowing and understanding this God of Love that so loved us that He gave us Jesus? So what keeps us from just running to Him and enjoying all the blessings that this God of Love wants to pour out into our lives?

Do you remember when I said the disciples couldn’t “see clearly” what God’s plan was. That’s what’s keeping us from realizing what God has for us…. Blurred vision.

This week I did something that I needed to do about four weeks ago, but if you know me… I have this awesome ability to put things off…. I changed my windshield wipers… one on my van and both on my truck….

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