Summary: We have questions and God still has the answers if we are willing to listen

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God has a positive answer

Philippians 4:10-4:13


We are still in the series looking for answers.

It is our fifth week and we still have questions.

We looked at why we do the things we do.

Why we give, the principal and blessing that God has for faithfulness and obedience.

Last week we looked at the hope that is within us. Looking at not everyone is going to make heaven home. No matter if you believe that or not. Our hope is in Jesus Christ and without Jesus Christ, you and I will not make heaven.

This week, we will look at contentment.

I know some of you have had a rough week.

I know we still have questions, and I know God still has answers.

We have a choice to be bitter or we have the better choice of trusting God that He will reveal answers to us at the right time and until then, we will trust Him.

Before we turn to the text, you have to understand that Paul is in prison, chained to a soldier, and already has in his mind that He may never escape or be set free. He believes he will die in prison.

He receives a letter from the Philippian Church because they want to reach out to him.

Here is his response. Here is the way we should answer God when we don’t have all the answers.

Philippians 4:10-13 slowly and clearly

What Paul says to them is this! Thanks for your concern, I have been in these spots before and maybe you didn’t have an opportunity to help but in the meantime, I have learned to be content, whatever the circumstances.

I have learned the secret of contentment.

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

The secret, which the world has not gotten is that in everything I do, and everything I go through, that I need God to help me through, and in His strength, not mine, I will make it through.

Actor Alan Alda- “it is not necessary to be rich and famous to be happy, it is only necessary to be rich.”

That must be true because of how happy we see actors and Hollywood people.

U.S. News and World report say that most people think if they had double what they make they would be living the American dream. If you make 25,000- you need 50,000. If you make 100,000- you need 200,000. Double what you make and you could be content.

Being satisfied is a tough thing for most people. Evidenced by large debt on credit cards because they live higher than their incomes.

Paul from prison tells us that He has learned the secret of contentment.

Contentment in the dictionary says- satisfied, positive and well pleased, not disgruntled and disheartened.

One Bible commentary says:

“ quiet restfulness in the midst of changing events. (I like that)

The problem with contentment is like a dog chasing his tail. You are never fast enough to fully grab hold , you just fall down from being dizzy and trying. The hardest lesson I have had to learn, and at times I have to be reminded is that I am not in control of my life. (repeat) Paul learned it in and out of prison. In plenty and in need. So that whatever circumstance he is up against he is satisfied and content that God has his best interest in mind.

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