Summary: We are perishable, we are not eternal, and we will one day die and be gone from this Earth. But, something does remain and it remains for all of eternity … the Word of God. This is what we've been taught and what we must rely on, fully!

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“God has done the work”

1 Peter Sermon Series, Part 3

1 Peter 1:13-25


- His name, Cephas, in the Syriac language, means “rock”

-- One of the original 12 apostles (walked on water)

-- Was at the Transfiguration of Jesus

- Became a leader of the apostles in the first church (Acts 2-4)

-- Performed miracles of healing (Acts 3:6)

- Personal favorite: When Jesus asked him "Who do you say I am?" Peter made that famous statement, "You are the Christ (Messiah) the Son of the Living God." (Matthew 16:15-16)

Last time …

- (v8) Because we have not seen him … we still love Him!

-- Why is it critical that we understand this? Because it is our command!

- We are filled with His glory because we believe the hope we have within us!

-- APP: It is when we focus on ourselves that we lose hope and lose focus!!

-- HUGE: (v9) When we receive it is the culmination of all that we have lived for!

- What Christ has done on the cross, and promised, is revealed in this one verse

-- “… you ARE receiving the end result” … it’s a constant process, always

-- Receiving is an active word, not past or present … but current tense

-- Peter exclaims: “Hey man … you are GETTING what Jesus promised!”

- Read 1 Peter 1:13-25

∆ Point 1 – Set your eyes … (13-16)

- When Peter writes, “therefore”, he is tying in the previous verses for us (v13)

-- We are preparing to receive the salvation and hope promised by Christ

-- We received this hope when we committed to knowing Christ as Lord

- THEREFORE … with this knowledge before us, he gives us two commands:

-- First, prepare your minds for action (be disciplined to hear and do)

-- Second, be self-controlled (be prepared and realistic about what lies ahead)

- Even in the great and wonderful times, it is easy to lose hope and focus

-- Not to mention what happens to us in the difficult times of life

-- Our tendency is to exaggerate what is going on; it is human nature

-- We lean AWAY from spiritual concerns and TOWARDS physical ones

- Example: “The sky is falling and the world is now ending!”

- Reality: “It’s raining.”

- Peter says to “set your hope on the grace to be brought”; this is from Christ

-- Set your heart, your focus, your worries, your joy, on the One who brings hope

-- The final destination for the believer is in what Christ has in store

- John 14:2, “My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?”

-- APP: Jesus never said, “In YOUR house …” - We hope for what God has!

- Peter calls us to live as “obedient children” (v14)

-- We are called to not conform to the things of evil; to the world’s issues

-- This is how we lived when we were ignorant (means, did not know)

-- APP: Now, we have been educated – we know – we must live/act like it

- Don’t be deceived here: it is an attitude adjustment that Peter just gave us

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