Summary: All of us go through one challenge or the other. our experience and knowledge of God and what HE can do should alway comfort us and cause us to trust Him.

Isaiah 40:21-31

The danger of forgetting who your God is. Vs 21

? Have you not known?

? Have you not heard?

? Has is it not been told you?

This is a rhetorical question in which the questioner (God) is expressing his deep surprise for their troubled heat since he is certain that they know who He is. The knowledge of His not only through special revelation but through general through, through the nature. For the creation tells us a lot about His mighty power and what He is capable of doing.

It is when we forget that there is a security man in your house that your heart will be troubled. Your complaint is determined by your knowledge of Him (Isa 27-28)

His Credentials for which we shouldn’t fear but to know He cares.

? His power to create Isaiah 40: 25-26

? His provision to sustain; the word of our God stands forever- Isa 40, 8

? His presence to Help

? He sits above the circles of the earth

? Whatsoever is in the earth is as grasshopper before Him. – the nations are as drop in a bucket, and as dust and are counted nothing and worthless, so is their princes (Isa 40:15, 17, 23) He can step on them any time. Killing or driving out grasshoppers is not anything difficult. What then is your trouble?

? We limit Him and His power when we compare Him to our experience. Don’t limit God’s work in your life.

God’s power and strength never diminish.

? Even the strongest people get tired at times

? He is never too tired or too busy to help and listen to you.

? His strength is our source of strength.

When you feel all of life is crushing you and you cannot go another step, remember that you can rely and call upon God to Renew your strength.

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