Summary: A Christmas sermon, based on Hebrews 1:1-3

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God Has Spoken Heb. 1:1-3

INTRO.: Illus.: I’ll never forget the episode of “Home Improvement” in which one the Taylor children had a part with three others in the Christmas pageant at church holding up cardboard letters that were supposed to spell “NOEL.” They got backwards and spelled “LEON.” Al Borman, Tim’s sidekick, leaned over to Tim’s wife and asked, “Who is Leon?”

Many have Christmas all backward. They place great emphases on gift giving, Christmas trees, and family while forgetting the real reason for the season.

The real meaning of Christmas is “God Has Spoken to us.”

I. In time past, God spoke through the prophets:

A. The last was John the Baptist.

1. He was a real mystery to those who heard him.

2. Strange looking character. In the desert.

3. Powerful, but strange message. Called his hearers “snakes,” and “fat cows.”

B. There were many others before him, like Hosea:

1. Hosea married an adulterous wife, Gomer, to show God’s love for adulterous Israel.

2. Named his children to reveal God’s message. “Jezreel” “Lo-Ruhamah” - not loved, “Lo-Ammi” - not my people.

3. Took his cheating wife back - Hos. 3:1

C. Jeremiah and the potter. Jer. 18:1ff

1. The potter reshaped a worthless vessel.

2. God will reshape Israel and some destruction will be involved.

3. Eventually thrown in cistern. 38:6 then testifies to the king in his palace.

D. Other examples:

1. Ezekiel and dry bones.

2. Daniel and lions.

3. Jonah and the pagan city of Ninevah.

4. God spoke in various ways and places in past times.

II. But very few heard and accepted His message. God’s loving heart was broken repeatedly.

A. So, He sends an angel to a young girl named Mary to tell her she is to have a child and He is to be the Son of God.

1. He will make a final all out effort to reach men.

2. He will send His precious Son, not only to reveal His love but to provide forgiveness as well for those who have violated His love.

3. He would pierce her mother’s heart with sorrow but would bring peace and joy to God’s people.

B. This is no ordinary birth, no ordinary baby:

1. The angels sing

2. The Maji come.

3. A new star appears as God manipulates the universe to call attention to His birth.

C. He is no ordinary individual. Greater than prophet or angel

1. Heir of all things

2. Creator of universe

3. Exact representation of God. “Chip off the old block.”

4. Sustainer of all things

5. Our Redeemer.

III. This child represents God’s final desperate appeal to mankind. What is God saying?

A. God is saying on Christmas Day, “I love you enough to risk My own Son for you.”

1. The love story goes on through the Gospels. John 3:16.

2. Those who saw and heard Him felt the power of His love if they would allow it.

3. Love reached its pinnacle on Calvary. It was love that held Him to that cross, not nails.

B. “Pay attention lest you drift away from Me and my salvation.” 2:1

1. It is possible to drift away.

2. Drifting away is a serious matter. This salvation came from God Himself. Confirmed by eye witnesses and miraculous signs.

C. “All of eternity now revolves around Jesus.” 2:8

1. He first announced salvation to us.

2. It was confirmed by those who saw Him. They centered their lives in Him.

3. He is crowned with glory and honor.

4. He tasted death for everyone.

5. He was perfected through suffering in order to bring many children to God.

Conc.: The Christmas Gospel: God has spoken to us in Jesus. He says . . .(review section III)

His Name is called Emmanuel

More wonderful than words can tell.

God is with us, allelujah.

In our darkness He is light

Born to our weakness He is might.

God is with us. Allelujah, He is with us.

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