Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God is speaking to us today.


God has spoken to humanity in the past through the prophets. Jesus was the last in the line of the historical prophets. Therefore, we need to read the Bible to understand what God has said to past generations.

God is still speaking to us through His resurrected Son, Jesus Christ (2:3). That is the voice that the believer should be listening for.

We have to train ourselves to distinguish that voice from all the other voices and distractions which we hear, especially within our hearts.

I. What Could God Be Saying to Us?

It concerns His will and work.

It concerns your life.

Jesus is the Creator 1:2-3

Jesus is the Redeemer 1:3

Jesus is the High Priest 1:3

II. The Requirement for Hearing Him is Faith/Trust

What is Faith/Trust?

4:2 His word must be mixed with Your faith.

5:12 Jesus was heard because of His godly fear.

6:12 Inherit the Promises.

Chapter 11 What faith/trust can Accomplish.

III. Do Not Refuse Him Who is Speaking to You

What do you lose for not obeying?

2:1-3 Lost Opportunity

3:15-16 Hard heart resulting in Rebellion

IV. What Do We Gain by Obeying the Voice?

10:19-22 Draw near unto God

4:16 Come boldly to the throne of grace for help

11:33-34 Subdue kingdoms

12:22-29 We receive a kingdom not shaken


God has priviledged humanity to come into His presence. He has provided the way through His Son. He has empowered us through His Holy Spirit to do so. He has given us His word to instruct us in this endeavor. He has shown us the way in the example of His Son (12:2).

By living in fatih/trust in His word, we cannot fail.

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