Summary: God's power is real and God will judge evil.

What does it mean when people say “You should not put God in a box”??

When you assume something about God or try to force God into doing something, you are putting God “in a box”!

What are some examples of when people put God in a box??

What do people do when they say they are worshiping God but actually putting God “in a box”? How do people put God “in a box” when praying?

Can we actually put God in a “box”??

The God of the Bible is the Only True God and will do whatever He pleases! But let us also note that this same God of the bible is pleased to create you and me and is very pleased when we believe in Jesus Christ! Belief in Jesus Christ brings us back to the secured loving arms of God! 1 Timothy 2:4 tells us, “It is God’s will that every person be saved from judgment!” Let us keep this in mind as we read the story of Israel (God’s Chosen People) as they conquered the Promised Land. Please open your Bibles to Joshua 10…..

Take a look again at v5 with me….

And look again at v11….

Now read along with me Joshua 10: 16-43….

v16-23: The 5 kings who attacked Gibeon and went to war against Israel were trapped in a cave.

Now look again at v24….

Why do you think Joshua had the leaders step on the enemies’ necks??

And v25 gives us one clue why Joshua had his leaders step on the necks of the enemies…

v24-27: The Israelite leaders needed encouragement of the power of God available to them! And yes, we can also note God’s hate for evil and those sinful kings had to be judged! God’s power is real and God has to judge evil! This is a truth we must all grasp!

And so this is what we read in v28-39: God’s power and judgment was released through His People Israel. They destroyed all at Makkedah, Libnah, Lachish, Gezer, Eglon, Hebron, and Debir.

v40-42 is the key passage isn’t it?

- The Israelites subdued the whole region (the Promised Land) just as God commanded!

- The victory was accomplished in one campaign!

- It was God’s will for the victory!

And we should note that v15 and v43 is the same, both after a victory. When God repeats something in Scripture, we need to take notice! Where was Gilgal? Look back with me to Joshua 4:19-23….

And so, what do you think was important about going back to Gilgal??

After their victories, the Israelites went to a special place where they rested and worshiped God!

Let’s note a few applications for our lives today.

First of all, God is God! God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Let us be careful of creating our own God. How can we know the one and only God??

1. Know and accept the God of the Bible! What are one word characteristics of God according to the Bible??

God is ……………. Let’s commit to meditating on God’s characteristics everyday!

Secondly, we noted that Joshua encouraged his people with God’s power available through them. Do Christians need encouragement today? With all the evil going on in our world today, we all need encouragement!

2. As Christian, let us encourage one another! How can we encourage one another??

Get to really know one another and pray specifically for one another.

3. Because God is holy, God has to and will judge evil. How should this truth impact our lives??

We should see sin as God sees sin. We are to hate sin! But again, we need to remember that God loves every person event hough they sin; it is the sin that God can not tolerate! The solution to take care of sin and love people? God gave Jesus Christ, who is God Himself, to die for all the sins of the world; anyone who does not believe in Jesus Christ are still enemies of God! God loves by providing away out of the enmity for sin!

If you have never believed in Jesus Christ as your only way out of the hate of God for your sins, do it now; otherwise, God will judge you and your sin forever along with all the demons.

And like the way Joshua Chapter 10 ended, let us keep this in mind….

4. Regularly find a place to rest and worship! Even God Himself rested on the 7th day! Worship at church of course is important but each one should set time alone with God everyday, even for just 10 minutes!

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