Summary: In a world where youth are crying everyday because of parental abandonment and life’s pressures, it is good to know that God hears the voice of the lad.

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Introduction: In our text, Abraham is torn between two families. He loved both Ishmael and Isaac. But as often is the case, he had to choose. Thus, he choose Sarah and Isaac. Reluctantly he sent Hager and Ishmael away. In great pain and depression, Hager ended up in the wilderness of Beersheba with her child. Yet God heard the lad from where he was. The wilderness did not hide Hager and the lad from God. In Hager we see God’s love for all who have been abused, misused, forgotten and forsaken. The text reminds us that God will hear us where we are.

1. God Sees Us Where We Are (verse 17)

2. God Always Knows Where We Are (verse 17)

3. God Hears Us Where We Are (verse 17)

4. God Will Keep His Promise (vesre 13)

5. God Will Open Our Eyes Where We Are (verse 19)

Conclusion: God heard the voice of Hager’s child from the solitude of the wilderness. He heard Hager’s cry and opened her eyes. Let Hager’s experience comfort mothers who are left alone to raise their children. May Hager’s experience comfort those who left in hositals, nursing home and all institutions of abandonment. Let every crying child be comforted by a God who hears our cry in every situation. No state or condition can keep us from the loving heart of God. God is always nearer than we think when we need him most.

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