Summary: a look at Mark 10:46-52

God Helps Those Who...

Mark 10:46-52

1) Admit their need

verse 46,47

2) Trust Him fully

verse. 48-51

3) Follow in Christian discipleship

verse 52

God helps those who put themselves in a position to receive His grace. We do that in many ways but three are evident in this passage.

It is not in vogue to admit we need help outside of ourselves. Earthly thinking tells us to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and do it our way. Scripture teaches that we need something from outsdie of ourselves to intervene so we can realize our full potential. Preachers when | preach this I usually give my own testimony of the first time I cried out and admitted my need. People like it when you speak out of your own experience.

The beggar threw his cloak aside! Why is that important to the text. I think it is becasue his cloak was his way of getting by. His cloak kept him warm and his cloak was what he spread in front so coins could be dropped in. Throwing is coat aside is a synbol of complete trust in Christ. Its’ a synbol of not leaning on your own understanding but leaning on Christ.

God promises help to those who will follow him fully. The book of Dt. is full of promises to the |srealites that if that follow God then He will do this. God is colse to those who walk in the light that they have.

This must have been the best piece of beggin that Bartimaeus ever did!!

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