Summary: God is watching our weight. Now that is a bit scary! I always knew God was watching me and knew my every thought and heard my every word, but watching my weight? The Bible says that God does watch our weight and He sees that many people weigh too much or

God Is A Weight Watcher

Dan 5:27 & Heb 12:1, I Sam 2:3,

I Samuel 16:7, I Samuel 15:22 Job 3:16, Luke 18:10,

Ps 62:9


1. We have officially started our health and fitness ministry at Vineyard Community Church. We have started the following ministries: men’s boot camp, women’s evening aerobic class, we are planning another daytime class to start in April, we are offering a weight loss class to start in April, a Saturday walk/run club to start next week, our first 5 K race w/push up contest in May. We will be having a health fair Sunday, offering blood test for sugar, cholesterol, fat, and blood pressure. The best of all is that we have started a 13-week corporate weight loss campaign; so far we have received pledges for 1,600 pounds. 100 pounds ALREADY LOST!

2. Since we are talking about weight I thought today’s sermon should be about weight. Next week I want to talk about how Jesus helps us to overcome obstacles to health, we will look at our “healthy living” report card. How we can pass with all F’s. Then the weeks after that we will look at God the Body Builder, Jesus the Weight Lifter, and the secret of strength. The last sermon in this series will be “Ironmen/ironwomen for God.” I call this my “Healthy Living” series. Today I want to talk about “weight watching” from a spiritual perspective. God was a weight watcher. Why is God a weight watcher? Does He struggle with overweight? Is He overweight? No, not by any means. As a matter of fact He weighs exactly the right weight for His size and build. Some of you are wondering, just how much does He weigh? Well, you’ll have to wait until you get to heaven to find that out. The weight watching that we are talking about today is not His, but rather ours.

3. God is watching our weight. Now that is a bit scary. I always knew God was watching me and knew my every thought and heard my every word, but watching my weight? Yes, He the Bible says that God does watch our weight and He sees that many people weigh too much or too little.

4. Now we all know that weight watching can be a little deceptive. It all depends on whose scale you use. I am trying to lose 20 pounds during this 13 weeks. I worked real hard this week, no caffeine, no sugar desserts, cut my carbs down, worked out 4 days this week, and was all excited about weighing myself on Saturday. I worked out and then weighed myself, no weight lost!! Wow, something must be wrong with the scale. If it does not say you lost weight the scale must be wrong. Weighing ourselves can be tricky. It depends on when you weigh yourself. Early in morning you weigh less then right after dinner. So if want to think you lost weight, weigh yourself at night and then in the morning you will weigh less.

5. There is a scale in Washington DC that is so accurate that it can weigh smoke. It can tell the difference when a fly lands on it. You actually have to stand 10 feet away from it when using it because the heat from your body can affect it. If this scale says someone weighs so much we can be sure it is accurate. There is a scale at Magic Mountain that weighs tickets that you win, so they don’t have to count them. When we are talking about spiritual weight the same question often arises, which scale is God using and is it accurate? The real question should be which scale really counts, God’s scale or men’s’ scales? Let’s take a look at a few times where God did some weight watching in the Bible.

Belshazzar Dan 5:27 The man who didn’t weigh enough.

1. In the Old Testament book of Daniel (5:27) we see God talking about a man’s weight. It was during a great party of all the Babylonian royalty. They were using the golden vessels they had taken from the Temple of Jehovah God in Jerusalem when they destroyed it and took many Jews captives as slaves. They were the mightiest nation that was ever on the earth. So here they are having a party and were making fun of Jehovah God, since they felt their gods were the greatest. They did not realize that Jehovah God had allowed them to be the punishing agent against Jerusalem for their sins.

2. In the midst of this party a hand appears on the wall and writes a mysterious sentence. The Jewish prophet, Daniel had to be called in to interpret what it meant. The message said that the king had been weighed in the balances and had been found wanting. He didn’t have enough substance to his life to amount to anything on God’s scales. Wanting means deficient, lacking.

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