Summary: Even when we think God is not involved or we don’t get God involved, God is always involved in our lives!!

Please open your Bibles to 1 Samuel 25….

As we read the text, take notice of the decisions people made in their lives (we are to learn to make good decisions). Our decisions will not only impact our lives but also impact other people’s lives! The formula is simple isn’t it? Good decisions = good results! Bad decisions = bad results! Let us remember that for us Christians, God is with us and for us to mnake good decisions; God has empowered us with the Holy Spirit!

I also would like you to keep an eye on what you think may be the key verse which puts the whole story together; let me give you a clue; the key verse is not the first or the last verse of the chapter. 

Read along with me 1 Samuel 25….

We note in v1: Samuel died!

- Who wrote the rest of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel??

God wrote all Scriptures (likely used other prophets!)

- All Israel assembled and mourned! Why??

Something to think about:

What do you think will happen at your own funeral?

How did we impact those around us we left?

Now, let’s take a look at the 3 main characters and note their life decisions.


v2: wealthy but at work

v3: married but surly and mean in his dealings

a Calebite – had a good family background but…. became wicked in his life!


- likely knew who David really was but did not help because of his arrogance!


v3: intelligent and beautiful but married the wrong man

Just a quick thought: Are there people like Nabal and Abigail today?

The Bible is real, practical, and applicable for today!

Now continuing with Abigail,

v18-19: at least 3 good qualities??

- quick thinker

- practical

- wise

v23-25: humble, respectful, and truthful


learned and godly (she knew David’s life and godliness) – she kept up with current events!

In v30-34: God actually used Abigail to convict David!

Now, look again at v36-37…. What can we say about Abigail with these 2 verses??

Abigail spoke the truth to Nabal, when he could fully understand! Abigail knew that Nabal was a fool but she was still loyal to her husband!!

And what can we say about Abigail in v41?

Abigail was willing to wash the feet of servants! Abigail had a humble and a servant heart!

Finally, let’s take a closer look at David in this situation:

We note in v4-5: David wished Nabal well! – “agape type love” – thinking of the betterment of the other person!

In v7-8, David told the truth of his kindness and respectfully asked for a deserved favor.

But what can we say about David in v12-13??

David was quick to take action on his anger!

As a side note, what don’t we read David doing prior to his actions??

We don’t read David praying for counsel from God!

v21-22: David believed that his reaction to Nabal’s offense was God approved!

Do you think David’s intent to kill all males belonging to Nabal was God approved? Why or why not??

Let us again note that we don’t read David praying about the situation and who is the main person in v21-22?? - It was all David!

David’s selfish pride made him react as he did to Nabal!

And in v32-34: David knew himself that he was personally avenging the insult!!

I believe we can say that David’s intent to kill all males at Carmel was not sanctioned by God!

Now, what would you say is significant about v35??

Just like that, David let go of his anger!! How did it happen??

David was able to let go of his anger after acknowledging his selfish sin of avenging. David realized he forgot about God!

Now, what do you think is the key verse that puts all of these decisions of three people come together??

Look again at v38…..

If God did not take Nabal’s life, everything would still be a mess: David had to really deal with Nabal! Abigail would had to deal with the wicked husband. Nabal had to deal with David and his army!

Here’s the main point of the message today: Even when we think God is not involved or we don’t get God involved, God is always involved in our lives!! And so,

Considering Nabal, Abigail, and David but knowing that God is always involved in our lives, what are key practical things we should be doing??

Take a moment to write down what you think we should be doing as Christians knowing that God is always involved in our lives.

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