Summary: what should it mean to us that God has provided everything we need?

The closing chapters of the Book of Joshua lists many things. Before we look at our passage this morning, why do you think God seems to always have long lists of things in the Bible??

The God of the Bible is holy, perfect, orderly, detailed, and will provide everything that people need to know!

The main story in Joshua is how God’s people experienced the reality of God’s Promise of a home!

Please open your Bibles to Joshua 12….. We will also look at chapter 13; so we will read some passages and highlight the others for the sake of time.

12:1 – Subject of the chapter: God lists the kings and territories given to the Israelites.

Now look again at v6; What can we note from this verse??

12:6a - The initial promise from God was given to Moses (Israel was freed from slavery in Egypt).

12:6b - God told Moses how to distribute the land for God’s People.

12:7-24 – God specifically listed the kings, the lands, and the people conquered by God through Israel. again, god is thorough and concise and gives that is necessary for people!

Now look again at Joshua 13:1… What do you think God is trying to say here??

13:1 – Joshua, even though old and weakening, still had work to do for God!

13:2-5 – lists the land that were left to be taken

What’s an important truth in v6 of Joshua 13??

13:6 – God really does not need anyone’s help to conquer a land or people!

Now, what happened in v13??

Look back again to v2…. Joshua and the Israelites were to conquer Geshur and ALL the regions of the Philistines!! 13:13 – Joshua and Israel disobeyed God!! Israel was blessed with a land of their own but do you think there were consequences for their disobedience??

The promises of God will always come true but there will always be consequences to disobedience!

Since it is Father’s Day, let us note 2 things from Joshua 13:13:

1. Fathers, be careful of making promises!

Broken promises breaks relationships. What would think of God who would give a promise then not do it?? Dads, do your best with what you have and be honest with love.

2. Unless it is contrary to God’s Word, we must always obey our fathers!

Let us close by noting something stated twice, therefore important, in Joshua 13: v14 & 33 – The Levites had no land inheritance! Who were the Levites? Turn with me briefly to Exodus 32:26-29….

Levi was actually a troublesome person but his descendants turned to God and made a commitment and they were called to serve the Lord. And so, the Levites, ministers for God, - were not given land, but they were provided for by God and by God’s people!

What can we learn from these 2 chapters of Joshua?

1. God is concise and will tell us and provide for us all we need! Our Scripture of the week affirms this: 2 Peter 1:3 - His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. What does this mean to us in a practical way??

Listen to God through the Bible every day! Be content by doing what God says!

2. We noted that God called for a cleansed land, the right provisions, and established communities! God will cleanse, provide, and establish a way of life. God cannot stand sin and evil but always desires a right relationship with Him. What’s the first thing a person today must do to affirm this truth??

Believe in Christ! Live in Christ! Worship and fellowship with other Believers of Christ!

Dads, this is the best thing we can do as fathers; you and I are blessed to have children and lead. As responsible fathers, we are to commit to and actually live out believing in Christ, living in Christ, worshiping and fellowshipping with other Believers of Christ!

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