Summary: Renewing our faith in God, because He is so faithful to us.

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God is Faithful

Lamentations 3:17-33


Turn with me in your bibles to Lamentations Chapter 3.

This morning, I come before you humbly – in an attempt to bring a message from the Lord that I believe is needed. I have struggled for five days over this message, and it was not until last night that I was able to actually sit and write it with a clear mind on what God was saying to us as a church family.

Right up front I want to tell you that I do not know where God is going this morning, I am just trying to obey as best as my flesh is able.

This past week, our church family took what I would call a mighty blow to the very core of our faith. We were caught without words and even in some cases numb, trying to grapple with and make sense the very understanding of why someone we knew, loved, and respected would feel so hopeless, that ending his life was the outcome.

On Wednesday morning I went to the Lord asking Him for something very specific that might help our church in the healing process, and I will tell you without any shame or reservation that this will be a different service than many have ever been a part of.

Last week’s message will not do this morning, and next week’s message will not do for today – we need a fresh word from the Lord that applies to right now – and it is my prayer that as a church, we can comfort one another and lift one another up – restoring to our souls the very HOPE that we live for.

This HOPE is Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of our faith – and without Him, we have no HOPE.


I mentioned in the introduction that this would be a different service than many have ever been a part of. Allow me to explain this to you.

Many are hurting in our family right now – and one of the best ways to deal with that hurt is to talk about our feelings. If we cannot be honest with one another – in THIS place – then we have missed the purpose of a church.

So this morning, I am going to ask you a question first – Are you willing to be honest?

This church was built on love for Jesus and love for each other – and in this place, this morning, we are going to bear one another’s burdens. No one in this holy place sits alone, and more importantly no one here will ever be alone as long as God allows us to have breath in our lungs.

Let’s look at our passage this morning (Read v17-20).

Point 1 – Where have you been? (v17-20)

Jeremiah writes here that he has been deprived of peace. He says that he has forgotten what prosperity is. All he can do is cry out to the Lord and confess that even his JOY is gone from his heart (his splendor is gone). Even the THOUGHT of Heaven and the majesty of who God is have gone from his heart.

He is hurting.

His soul is downcast within him because he is so burdened, because he is so sad, because he cannot think of anything else other than his suffering.

Jeremiah is thinking in his heart that there is nothing positive.

I stand here to tell you that we need to draw strength from one another. I want to allow anyone to openly share this morning the answer to a question – you don’t have to stand, you don’t have to present anything elegantly, just speak out if God gives you something.

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