Summary: We can trust God with every part of our lives. This primarily deals with money but can be adapted.

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Introduction: We are sometimes fooled into believing that we can take control from God.

Proposition: YOU CANNOT. All you can do is determine which side of God’s will you end up on.

Interrogative Sentence: Who rules your life? Once again there is a pat answer.

Transitional Sentence: God Owns Everything

1. The land is God’s

a. Lev 25:23

2. The animals are God’s

a. Ps 50:10

3. The resources of the earth are God’s

a. Hag 2:8

4. He needs no ones permission to do what ever his will is.

Ps 135:6

a. He alone is perfectly qualified to decide the fate of any of his creations and whatever they happen to control.

5. We can completely trust in God’s control if we chose.

Pr 21:1

a. His will is done on the earth. Period. We have our individual will. He knows what we are going to do. And still he gives us the freedom to do it and puts things in places as he desires them.

Isa 40:21-24

b. His plan for the earth is what is in motion.

Ac 17:26

c. Do you recognize the Lord’s control of all events? We need to become more consistent in recognizing His control?

d. I realize my life is in his hands and at any time He has the right to tell me what to do. If I obey I am part of His plan. If I don’t obey, I am a part of His plan.

6. What about me?

Acts 6&7

Ge 45:4-8

Ge 50:19,20

Ro 8:28

a. Illustration: My ownership of things has been painfully realized when the minivan got stolen and how angry I wanted to be. Even though I got it back I was not grateful to have it.

i. If he rules my life then it should only make sense that he owns everything I am in control of, thereby he has the right to do anything he wants with his possessions through me the manager of those possessions.

ii. He is the creator of all. And he only released ownership of that at one point that I can see. Let’s go there. Matt 28:17, 18. Anybody who tries to own what belongs to someone else is a thief.

7. God can and does use circumstance to show us how to stay obedient to him even in times of trouble and weakness.

a. Can you see this perspective frees you to depend on Him when you know you cannot control situations? All situations are in His control.

b. If we seek His kingdom, He takes care of everything else.

Mt 6:31-33

c. God supplies all of my needs.

Php 4:9 And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

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