Summary: Thy name is good (Ps.52:9,54:6). i.e., powerful, majestic, awesome and pleasant(Ex.15:3, Jer.33:2, Is.42:8, Am.5:8). Wherever his name is declared and honored, he would bless that place(Ex.20:24). When God declared his name to Moses implied his characters are good (Ex.33:19,34:6).

Nahum 1


Sennacherib’s general Rabshakeh challenged with a louder voice to Israel ‘which God can deliver you from my Hand’ in 722BC (2Ki.19:10-11). But within 100 years, the fall has come to Assyrians.

Nahum, Habakkuk and Malachi are the three minor prophets talk about burden (Nah.1:1, Hab.1:1, Mal.1:1). Nahum means ‘full of comfort’. called “Elkoshite”, ancestor was “Koshi” or his tomb is at Elkosh 24 miles from Nineveh. Capernaum means village of Nahum. Elkosh is near Beth-Gabre i.e., modern ‘beit-jibrin’ (Neighbourhood of Jerusalem). Jonah preached against Nineveh 87 years before this man had burden for them. Nahum lived near the time of fall of Nineveh in 612BC by the combined attack of the Babylonians and the Medes.

Nahum talks about goodness of God (v.7):

Nahum reveals Theophany of Divine avenger in verse 1-8. He describes YHWH as jealous, avenging and wrathful. His anger is directed towards his enemies. The Bashan, Carmel and Lebanon are dried up and lost their glory and became a desert. After talking about the consuming wrath of God from vv.1-7. He shifts his prophecy to talk about comforts to Israel on three things in v.7: “Lord is good, a strong hold, and he knows them that trust in him”. Nahum shifts his focus from the punishment of enemies to the blessings of Israel. He shifts from condemnation of enemies to the consolation of Israel. From curse of the enemies to the blessings of Israelites. The Lord is good. What does it mean: His name is Good, his characters are good, his activities are good?

Thy name is good (Ps.52:9,54:6). i.e., powerful, majestic, awesome and pleasant (Ex.15:3, Jer.33:2, Is.42:8, Am.5:8). Wherever his name is declared and honoured, he would bless that place (Ex.20:24). When God declared his name to Moses implied his characters are good (Ex.33:19,34:6). As “The LORD, the LORD, Compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love, faithfulness, maintaining love to 1000 generations, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin, yet not leaving the guilty unpunished (Ex.34:6-7). God’s activities are good. In our daily life God is good even if he allows us to suffer unfairly. Like Joseph Gen.50:20-says God intended it for good. The Lord one who allows Satan to test us is Good. (Job.2:4-8). The Lord one who permits the persecution of his disciples is Good (Lk.6:27).

Nahum spells out the Good news for Judah (v.12-13).

Your enemies will be cut off. I will afflict no more. I will break off your yoke, snap the bond that bind you. Yoke is powerful and strong oppressive element, instrument. Jesus calls “come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Mt.11:28).

The good news is nothing but keep thy solemn feasts and perform thy vows. Enjoy the spiritual life in celebrating the grace of God. Passover is commemorating the exodus from Egypt (Lev.23:6, Nu.9:5). Feast of Pentecost commemorating the giving of the Law (Ex.23:16, Lev.23:16). Feast of Trumpets (Lev.23:24). Feasts of Tabernacles as the thanksgiving for the harvest and remembering the life dwelt in the booths in the wilderness (Lev.23:34). Festival of dedication of the temple (Jn.10:22). Festival of Purim to commemorate the deliverance of the Jews from Haman (Est.9:17,22,26). Vows to the Lord: Nu.30:2- when a man make a vow do not be slow to pay it, you will be found guilty of sin (Dt.23:21), do not delay in fulfilling it, you will be a fool (Eccl.5:4).

Nahum honours the foot of God’s children (v.15):

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news” (Rom.10:15). The publisher of Peace (Is.52:7).

The feet of him that brings good tidings are good, holy and pleasing to the LORD. Good feet are God’s feet.

The feet of the Israelites never swollen, because they walked to Canaan (Dt.8:4). The feet of the Priests brought miracles to Israelites when they touched the waters of Jordan, the speeding and rushing waters stopped (Josh 3:15). If the feet of the servants of God touch your house you will see miracles of God. That’s why people expected Elijah and Elisha, and Jesus to come to their homes. Jesus went about doing good to all (Ac.10:38).

He makes your feet like the feet of deer (Ps.18:33, Hab.3:33). Keep your foot from sinners’ paths (Pr.1:15). Turn your feet away from evil (Pr.4:27). Crush Satan under your feet (Rm.16:20).

Ahimaaz was a good man and he will bring only good news (2 Sam 18:27) but now after death of Absalom he ran to inform this bad news to David so he was dishonoured (2Sam.18:19, 27,30).


Can you take up this kind of message to the people when it is needed? Are your vows are kept without breaking?

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