Summary: As the Christmas season is upon us and at every other time of the year, we must remember how gracious God has been to us.

Intro. In the next few weeks, we will be caught up in schedules, traveling and the hustling and bustling of the holidays. There is a message that permeates the season, and the entire message of God to man - HE IS GRACIOUS.

I. God is Gracious in our Dwelling - vs. 1-3 Wherever we find ourselves, He is there

Not armies, not weaponry, not finances, not our own thinking. There is no earthly answers

that provide true refuge. It is personal. Our refuge, our strength, our very present help

A. The Place to Hide in the face of Trouble (Refuge - a place of Trust)

Our only, impregnable, accessible, delightful place of retreat is our God.


- The earth be removed

- Mountains be carried into the Sea

- Waters Roar

- Mountains shake

I HAVE A PLACE OF REFUGE - THEREFORE I WILL NOT FEAR Our all sufficient, unconquerable, honourable, and emboldening strength is our God.

B. A Place to Help in the midst of Trouble

Ever near, sympathizing, faithful, real, and potent is our God.

Hebrews 4:16 "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace (OUR STRENGTH), that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." (see also Psalm 62:7 & 2 Cor 12:9)

C. A Place of Hope in the face of Trouble - Our Security - vs. 2-3

II. God is Gracious in His Deliverance - vs. 4-7

A. The paradise that awaits the saved - vs. 4-5 A River of Grace

1. A River of Salvation (John 7:37)

2. Rivers of Joy (1 Peter 1:8)

3. Rivers of Satisfaction (Psalms 36:8)

4. Rivers for Eternity (Rev. 22:1-5)

B. The Message to the Earth - 6-7

1. The Challenge of Sin - heathen rages, kingdoms shaken

2. The Conquering God - All He would need to do is utter His voice.

3. The Cry to the Earth - Come! Vs. 8a

III. God’s is gracious in His Dominion? - vs. 8-9

A. His Works are Worth Beholding

B. His Will is Always Met

1. Desolations - He is Victorious

2. Wars to Cease - He ended the Battles in Victory

3. Weapons of no Use - He destroys the weapons of the enemy!

IV. God is gracious in His Deity - vs. 10-11 He is God

A. The Command to Know Him - there is no leniency to argue with God

There is no room for negotiation. The text gives no leniency to argue with God! - Be still and know - Take your hands off, and realize He is God!

1. Be Still - remove distractions and sit still!

2. And Know - Faith gives the soul a view of a Great God

B. The Comfort of His Presence - vs 11

vs. 1 - A Very Present Help

vs. 7 - The Lord of Host is With Us

vs. 11 - The Lord of Host is With Us

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